Why Removing Police from Schools will Hurt Students.

Updated: Jan 12

The following is based upon the book:

WHEN PROTESTORS BECOME TERRORISTS combines the books on Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Under the Obama Administration, racial quotas for disciplinary actions in high schools across the nation were imposed by the Federal Government.

The predictable result was that black high school students would not be disciplined based on their behavior but racial quotas equivalent to other races. This racist “solution,” fully intended by the Obama Administration, reduced school performance by blacks because they had much less fear of discipline. If they broke a rule, and there was an attempt at punishment, community Leftists would complain and call the school personnel “racists" and threaten lawsuits. The schools had their hands tied as far as disciplining blacks. Blacks could commit assault, deal drugs, be tardy, or not show up to school at all without fear of discipline.

The root of black poor performance in high school was not racism from the schools but from their home life, their peers' attitude towards "white" education, and the lack of fathers in the household.

Not only did black student performance plunge, but their new freedom also disrupted other students, sometimes to the point where other races feared coming to school at all. In this way, the Leftists made sure that all students had less of a chance to advance, and would forever be beholding to the Leftists as perfect recruits for their communist agenda like Black Lives Matter riots.

A smart black student who wanted to work hard and go to a good college to advance now faced even more of an uphill battle because of disruptions and harassment at school.

Removing police presence from high schools will have the same effect, encouraging crimes such as drug dealing and becoming gang members, and taking away from academics.

Just like the Obama Gang used “Racial Quotas for School Discipline” to intentionally create social discord, violence, and anarchy at the high school level, the Obama Deep State instigated a different type of program at the adult level with the same results for Society.

So black "community leaders" like those from Black Lives Matter have sold out their race and other minorities to the communists. They want students to not do well and not have majors that lead to jobs. Thus social justice and race-emphasis majors are much preferred to, say, business administration, or engineering, or IT.

The Deep State, through groups like Blacks Lives Matters and Antifa, wants students to be uneducated and angry as "victims of racism and capitalism" so they can control and use them as foot soldiers.

Soros has been accused of hijacking Black Lives Matter and funding activist groups Media Matters for America,, and the Tides Foundation to promote a socialist, collectivist and anti-White capitalism agenda. One of his goals is to widen racial divides and to create social anarchy through buying and exploiting district attorneys and their alternative justice programs. Soros pays protesters and some commit assault but are

not charged or their charges were dropped through alternative justice through district attorneys he funded for their campaigns. Criminals in big, Democrat controlled cities, especially underage ones, have little fear of being prosecuted.

Scott Campbell

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