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In late 2020 and early 2021, the American Democrats attempted to impeach ex-President Donald Trump--again, even after Joe Biden's inauguration. The first partisan impeachment arose from Trump's phone call with the President of Ukraine, whom he asked to investigate corruption charges on Joe Biden. The second partisan impeachment alleges he incited the shocking riot on Capitol Hill. The impeachment proceeds as a means of tarnishing his reputation for the history books, stripping him of his pension, and preventing a run for the Presidency in 2024. Democrats screamed that no Presidential Library should honor him--like the expensive one under construction with the University of Chicago for Barack Obama.[1] Obama's former 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, and his half-sister, Maya Kasandra Soetoro, and other partners in crime sit on the board of directors.

Attempting to impeach an ex-President became a disturbing precedent, leaving other past Presidents at risk for impeachment. If we think about any other past President deserving of impeachment, Barack Obama immediately comes to mind at the top of the list.

Lindsey Graham, showing his distaste for a second impeachment attempt on Trump, brought up the possibility of impeaching ex-President Barack Obama for his blatant and cruel inaction during an organized 2012 terrorist assault on our embassy in Benghazi which left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Stevens. [1]

The first and second attempts to impeach Trump in the Senate failed, but maybe such an attempt would not fail with Obama, especially when then Republicans have a term where they control both the House and Senate and presidency.


Here's a review of Obama's most impeachable crimes or suggested articles for impeachment. [2]

001: Obama Gate: based on falsified disinformation for FISA warrants from the Christopher Steele dossier. Hillary dipped into her campaign purse to pay for part of it. President Obama essentially arranged for the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016-- despite the lack of any hard evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. Numerous laws found themselves broken in the case, all pointing to gross abuse of power by President Obama, which is an impeachable offense. Meanwhile the Obama Gang swept its own collusion with Ukraine and China under the Oval Office rug.

002: Spying on Michael Flynn. Obama sat in the Oval Office, fully aware that Michael Flynn, the National Security Adviser coming into the administration, lived under government surveillance. Flynn’s private conversations with the Russian ambassador would walk themselves into media offices, like The New York Times, to fan the flames of alleged Russian collusion. Michael Flynn knew too much about Obama's responsibility for the rise of ISIS and showed a willingness to come forward publicly.

003: Benghazi embassy attack in Libya: Islamic terrorists, destined to join ISIS, murdered Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in a well-planned attack on the US Embassy, complete with the use of mortars. Obama agreed with dismissing the attack as arising from a spontaneous demonstration laced with discontent over an anti-Islamic video shown in the United States, a flat-out lie. The Obama administration ordered the US military, prepared to rush in to defend the embassy, to stand down, permitting the destruction of the embassy and murders. The Obama administration then "obstructed" an investigation. As we noted earlier, the embassy's fall proved to be critical to allow the US and its allies to gain control of Libyan oil and trafficking routes into the EU. The Obama administration not only allowed the embassy to burn and Americans to die, but they also likely planned the entire event. The "investigation" instead focused on Hillary Clinton, years later, and said she did nothing wrong as she "played dumb" and did an excellent job at it.

004: Illegal firing: a significant donor for Barack Obama and a friend, former NBA player Kevin Johnson and Mayor of Sacramento, used federal grant money earmarked for AmeriCorps and put it into his private nonprofit allegedly to pay off, with hush money, young girls who proved to be his victims for sexual abuse. He paid one girl, who had been just 16 when the alleged molesting took place, over $230,000 of government money. The police refused to press charges. Obama fired, illegally, Gerald Walpin, who served as the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service, when he investigated Johnson. Walpin sued, saying Obama violated the 2008 Inspector General Act.[3] [4]

005: Obama incited war on police, and especially White police: The Obama administration fully supported and likely created the Black Lives Matter movement to further racial divides, gain Black votes, destroy the economy, and foster anarchy. Obama made speech after speech about racism in the police departments regarding shootings against Blacks when studies would prove him patently wrong. The tragic shootings of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown became the subjects of speeches spreading racism against White police, when, in fact, juries would find no wrongdoing by the law. Read my book on Black Lives Matter to see who formed the movement. (Hint: a friend of Bill Ayers and Islamists.) The cold murder of five police officers in 2016 in Dallas spurred a lawsuit that including Barack Obama as a defendant.

006: Obama entered international treaties illegally: Obama bypassed approval of the Senate to sign onto the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran Nuclear Deal, both of which cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. These acts became undeniable breaches of our constitution. Giving large sums of money, including suitcases full of cash, to the world's largest sponsor of terrorism doesn't make America safer or any of the world.

007: Bribery. We learned that Obama won a Senate seat and the White House from cooperation by opponents both within his party and by "Republicans." Incumbents stepped down or took other steps to either get out of his way or lose—what Michelle Obama called "a lucky series of events." Obama got caught in 2010. He held out an offer to Joe Sestak, D-Pa, for a job in the Obama administration if he would not challenge candidate Arlen Specter for Senate, breaching at least four federal laws.

008: Big Brother: Like communist Big Brother, a symbol for Stalin, spied on everyone in the novel 1984[5] (See my Summary and Expansion[6]) Big Brother Obama spied on everyone with the NSA and especially the media. When the Associated Press began to print the truth about the intent and corruption in the Obama Administration, they secured months of phone records, illegally, from some reporters and editors. Some sources clammed up—exactly what Big Brother wanted. One reporter with Fox News, James Rosen, found himself intimidated with imprisonment and a red target on his back that read "co-conspirator."

009: Obstruction of investigations: In 2014, letters signed by forty-seven inspector generals across the nation accused the Obama Gang of denying full access to documents, thereby obstructing justice—a form of systemic corruption at the federal level.

010: Obama conquered Libya and permitted the murder of Qaddafi illegally. Obama put the UN above the USA and used them for the "authority" to invade Libya to remove Gadhafi for abusing his people—when he already abused them for four decades. The Senate would disapprove of military intervention, so Obama bypassed them—an illegal maneuver to begin a war. Libya had not attacked the United States. Libya and Gaddafi stood in the way of the Obama administration and its communist allies, such as France and the UK, from controlling the Middle East's heart, much of its oil and gold, and ushering into the EU hordes of militant Islamics.

011: IRS scandals: Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS, Lois Gail Lerner, spilled Big Brother Obama's IRS beans. Under Obama's directions, the IRS targeted, unfavorably, Tea Party groups seeking tax exemption after Obama became President. Big Brother wanted to silence all opposition, and the Tea Party proved itself a potent thorn in his side.[7] Douglas Shulman, IRS Commissioner, strolled into the White House nearly 160 times while the Tea Party got hit. Hundreds of Tea Party organizations would sue—and win, costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in pay-offs. The Obama Gang worked to muzzle conservatives; it also ran up a substantial bill for the taxpayers to pay for their crimes.

012: Trump plot: The Obama team showed Michael Flynn the door for knowing too much about ISIS and the shady deals and ramifications of the Iran Nuclear Dealt. Big Brother left a trail of evidence showing that it aimed to snare Flynn in a perjury trap. Evidence showed that the Obama administration intended to catch Flynn in a perjury trap to undermine Trump, an illegal act reflecting more weaponization of government agencies against conservative groups or individuals of any persuasion.

The second Civil War in the United States officially started in November of 2008 when Barack Obama, as representative of an anti-American Deep State, won the presidential election.

In the United States, justice for treason may invoke the death penalty. There will be no peace until the Communists are purged of the planet, even if it requires Civil War II and World War III. The smiling actor and fraud, who duped a planet, and who stabbed America in the back a hundred times, and the major players who put him into office, should be the first to go.

If nothing is done to punish Obama and his administration and allies, we can assume that all Presidencies hereafter will take advantage of the same abusive power, no matter the political party. It is human nature, and the most effective way to govern for those in power to extact wealth—and more power.

[1] [2] [3] [4]




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