Let's first admit that "radical socialist" and "Communist" ideologies now dominate the Democrat Party.

In many of my blogs and books, I discuss how Communism first arose from Adam Weishaupt and Karl Marx who both drew upon Satanic principles to fight against Christianity for the rule of nations. Communists are anti-moral. They don't believe there should be any limits on behavior at all. Satanism, Luciferianism, and Communism all have in common the act of rebelling against the Christian establishment to steal its power and possessions.

Because it is so important for understanding the Democrat Party, in Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics, Chill a Commie for Mommy, LIES, Obama''s Red Onslaught, and Hoax Higher, I share the historical documentation that Communism first arose from occult concepts of Luciferianism and Satanism. These belief systems were conjured up from hired occultists to usurp power from Christianity, and, in particular, the Catholic Church, beginning in France.

Luciferianism, Satanism, and Communism all propose a form of amorality or anti-morality in which restricting any form of Human desire is forbidden. Existing laws and social mores are to be disregarded and broken. Beating, raping, torture, pedophilia, and murder are justifiable to hard-core Communists and Devil devotees who apply mind-game inventions under the pretense to exert power and gain control over others. In the case of the tenets of Lucifer and Satan, to attack Christianity, and in the case of Communism, to attack Christianity and to manipulate entire nations for economic and political benefit.

To be a Democrat leader or a major donor to the Democrat Party in 2020, one has to at least condone Communists or be one.

Communism seeks to destroy society itself, including whatever form of morality it may have, and individual identity. The heart of Communism is "dialectic materialism." Marx was an expert in Satanic dialectical materialism which was a system of psychological inversion and extreme contradiction to be applied to the minds of the victims of a Communist takeover.

Satanists--and Communists-- strive to do the opposite of whatever Christianity teaches. Marx countered Proudhon’s book The Philosophy of Misery with his own The Misery of Philosophy and the phrase "the criticism of weapons" countered "the weapons of criticism."

Dialect materialism pushes the extreme opposite of a society's beliefs and works to destroy any moderate beliefs.Thus if a society with its laws and morals is against sex with people under the age of 18, Communists will seek to have and encourage sex with people under the age of 18 as an affront to that society.

So it comes as no surprise that we see major Democrats and Democrat donors. including Hollywood elites, most of which condone or follow Communist principles, engaging in rampant underage sex, "perverted" sex, and sexual predation in general. This same argument can be made for the push for LGBTQ from the Left. It is a direct affront on Christian beliefs and morality which still dominates American society and is shared by many Trump supporters.

Communists want to normalize illegal and perverted sex acts. To Communists, anything is condoned, there is no perversion and there should be no laws in regards to the sex act.

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Scott Campbell


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