Tweets Show Dayton Shooter Was an Exemplary Radical Socialist and Satanist

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

He had become exactly what the Satanic Communists wanted him to become. A registered Democrat, his tweets show, and especially to those of @RealSaavedra and @Antifaintl, that he was a Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Antifa, Socialism, DSA, and Communism supporter. He called the Antifa terrorist who attacked a facility of ice a “martyr.” He threatened with death many conservatives and people involved in law enforcement. His Twitter handle was @iamthespookster. The Communist Left would welcome him with open arms at any of their rallies. He appears in a photo with Satanic patches on his clothing. One says “Against All Gods” and comes from an outlet called Blackcraft Cult. The other shows an occult god known as “Baphomet.”

Connor Stephen Betts of Bellbrook, Ohio, age 24, was not only violent but without morals. He murdered nine people at Ned Peppers Bar bar in Dayton, Ohio on August 4, 2019, and wounded 17 others. Ten additional suffered related injuries.

Of course, to no one’s surprise, the Communists made a case for more gun control after working so hard to create violent anarchy in the first place through mainstream news and social media.

The Communists only want Communists to have guns.

Brainwashed Betts was the perfect Far Leftist revolutionary media recruit to help create a Communist pre-revolutionary state of anarchy and domestic terror like Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dorne. Police evidence showed he had an interest in cruel and despicable acts and desired to commit a mass shooting. He got off on dark, Satanic violence, “shock” gore, and necrophilia. I would venture to say that wanting to have sex with dead bodies goes beyond immorality. He had sung for a “porngrind band” by the name of “Menstrual Munchies” of the misogynistic and male-dominated dark music scene. At Bellbrook High School Betts found himself suspended after making hit lists for murder and rape. He had ideas for a school shooting back then.

Betts was a troubled youth who was manipulated by the Communists’ social media propaganda into launching a mass shooting. Trump’s election was a “bad thing” he had tweeted. We might expect more violent acts spurred on by the Left near November 2020. One of Bernie’s staff has already announced he is ready for a “revolution.”

Scott Campbell

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