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On February 27, 2020, President Trump tweeted that CNN was attempting to spawn a national panic in regards to the Corona virus and that CNN claimed that he was to blame for it. He also criticized other networks for not presenting enough news about how well his administration was handling the outbreak.

The Deep State owns the majority of mainstream narrative news media. In June of 2012, Business Insider listed six huge media companies that put out 90% of what is heard, read, or watched in the United States: GE, NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. The mainstream media is so biased for the Deep State that one would suspect they are but minions doing the Deep State’s bidding for money.

Communists and other Leftists work to infiltrate and control media including news and entertainment. I have written extensively about Communist and Deep State influence on Hollywood and also about the Obamas’ new media company that is producing Communist “award-winning” propaganda. Their first full-length movie about a Chinese takeover of an American company won an academy award for best documentary and the director quoted Karl Marx in her acceptance speech.

Media infiltration and control is but one part of the Gramscian march of Communism into all of society’s institutions.

Thus the educational systems, the theater and movie industry, the religious institutions, the media, the courts, the labor unions, and at least one major political party would eventually succumb to the Communist disease. Infected institutions align to make it easier to infect others.

Communism has reached such critical mass in the United States such that it controls a majority of the mainstream media. This kind of control allows it to originate and perpetuate “fake news” to achieve its agenda, perhaps Trump’s number one enemy.

Elections boil down to money, media--and behavioral psychology--who can manipulate the most people to vote for a candidate.

Deep State campaign teams hire candidates and the best political behavioral psychologists they can buy. David Axelrod is the best political behavioral psychologist of modern times having put Bill Clinton and Barack Obama into office. He knows that perception trumps reality and emotion trumps reason.

What matters most is not what happens but what people think happened and their emotional response. The media often influences what people think and elicits an emotional response. Elizabeth Warren had a mediocre performance in her second primary debate, but Axelrod, on CNN, said she was a stellar genius for “Change.” Placed into the debates by the Deep State, Axelrod set her up with questions to try to make her look good. After the debates, since most people did not watch the debates and relied on commentary, her ratings rose. As of February 2020, the Obama Deep state had endorsed Warren and Biden but has disapproved of Sanders.

The Lettist media even hires well-known Deep State operatives like David Axelrod and John Brennan as analysts and commentators.

In April of 2019, Obama was not President yet he visited Merkel in Germany. He made other stops in Germany. He had received lucrative book contracts from German media and political heavyweight Bertelsmann before his presidency, about $16M, and, along with his lovely wife, Michelle, after his presidency, advances for $65M run through Bertelsmann’s Penguin Books.

Soon after Obama returned, Biden announced his candidacy for President. Perhaps Germany and the EU had likely met with Obama and chosen loyal Deep State puppet Biden to be a Democratic candidate. Biden even bragged that many heads of state had telephoned him begging him to run for President and save the globalist agenda from another four years of Trump and populism. God forbid that a country do what the people want instead of what the Oligarchs in charge need to oppress and plunder. Biden would flounder and David Axelrod would embrace Elizabeth Warren as well. The Deep State runs multiple candidates

Bertelsmann has a small army of more than 100,000 employees, making it Europe's dominant media company, and expanded its mass media power to influence beyond books by infiltrating magazines, education--including private universities-- and the business service sector. But that is not all Bertelsmann influences--its headquarters has a regular guest in the form of European Commissioner Günther Oettinger.

The Bertelsmann umbrella harbors an almost uncountable number of book publishers, radio stations, television stations, and music labels. Bertelsmann is the news in the EU and much of the rest of the world. Bertelsmann’s march through global mass media is a further example of Communist infiltration in all media.

President Trump is battling an international media conglomerate that seeks to politically obliterate him because he is such a threat to their former dominance. Each morning he has to wake up to the fact that 90% of the media will act to destroy him no matter what he does. Partly why Trump succeeded was his wise use of social media to defend himself and counter-attack those “Fake News Networks.”

Scott Campbell

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