The Satanic Democrats and MS-13: "La Bestia" is not Nancy Pelosi, it's the Devil himself.

Karl Marx

Excerpt from Satan's Socialists and Communists.

Many MS-13 members routinely violate the Ten Commandments-- the priority for Satanists who want to demonstrate their antithesis to God. They bring a false idol before God, they murder, steal, commit adultery, and covet what belongs to others. I would wager that they have told a lie or two.

Communism has also positioned itself to be the antithesis of God and Christianity and intentionally encourages behavior that violates the Ten Commandments. Communism is an ideology that arose from mostly Ashkenazi Jews who had the intent to not only counter the totalitarian dictatorships backed by the Catholic Church but to overthrow them.

Karl Marx did not invent Communism and is quoted as saying, "If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist." Marx did not even invent the foundation of what would become known as Marxism. The founder of the Illuminati chapter in Bavaria in 1776 and a Freemason, a German and professor of ecclesiastical law at the University of Ingolstadt by the name of Adam Weishaupt, did. Weishaupt authored some of the first Communist literature for general circulation. He wrote >Die Lampe von Diogenese> which was translated into English in 2008. Weishaupt fooled some historians, posing as a Freemason philanthropist, but not all.

Weishaupt was hell-bent on mass destruction. He allegedly led the Illuminati infiltrated Free Masonry and used it to eradicate government and Christianity.


The body of a young Hispanic girl lay in a shallow grave in the Houston area. She had suffered repeated rape and also beatings meted out with baseball bats. Multiple hacks with machetes were a hint about the identity of the murderers. She was 14. The victim of a Satanic ritual, the tell-tale signature, by two MS-13 gang members would never be seen by her family again. Her family and friends would be emotionally scarred for life.

This was the first time official documentation of Satanism and murder had been recorded through the court systems regarding MS-13. The case also stood out because it had a witness who was willing to testify. This witness, a girl who was forced to take drugs, was also assaulted sexually in a brutal fashion many times. She was branded with a tattooed image of the Grim-Reaper from her knee to her ankle. She told the court what happened that horrible night. She had shared a room with the murder victim known only as Genesis who had made the fatal mistake of disrespecting the gang members’ Satanic shrine. One of the murderers had offered the Beast a cigarette in an attempted atonement. Offerings of cigarettes, liquor, or drugs to Satan are commonplace in MS-13.

One of the murderers told of Satan’s decision that the revered beast did not want a material offering. It demanded a soul.

The two defendants had waved and grinned at courtroom cameras during proceedings--not exactly contrite for murder so callous. Think of how the young girl’s family must have felt seeing her accused murderers smiling. From a Satanist perspective, the murderers were mocking the entire host society they were trying to destroy, laughing in the face of the victim’s mourning and devastated family and justice itself.


"La Bestia" is not Nancy Pelosi, it's the Devil himself.

In another MS-13 case court documents revealed what would be called in the media a Satanic murder.

MS stands for Mara Salvatrucha and the gangs association with the Devil and Satanism is as old as the gang itself which originated in the 1970s.

Knifed a hundred times, dismembered, decapitated, and the heart ripped from his chest and thrown into the grave makes an obvious statement to both members and competitors--and police. Devil-worshiping metalheads, (Judas Priest was a favorite band to listen to) were some of the gang’s founding fathers.

MS-13’s uses Satanic tattoos, nicknames, and other symbols of the Devil. La Garra, the official hand-sign, means Satan’s claws. La Bestia or the Beast is the real gang leader.

Scattering victims’ organs on the ground in a pentagonal shape is characteristic of MS-13 Satanic murders.

One Mara Salvatrucha member shared the details of his initiation into the gang. They ventured into a cemetery and drank each other’s blood to back-up their oath., They sliced their hands and then drained some blood into a cup to form a sick form of Bloody Mary. High on weed, they killed a local cat to seal the deal.

This is anything but a traditional initiation process and reeks of Satanism. This book will share the historical documentation that Communism first arose from occult concepts of Luciferianism and Satanism and that these belief systems were conjured up from hired occultists o usurp power from Christianity, and, in particular, the Catholic Church, beginning in France. Luciferianism, Satanism, and Communism all propose a form of amorality in which restricting any form of Human desire is forbidden. Existing laws and social mores are to be disregarded and broken. Beating, raping, torture, and murder are justifiable to hard-core Communists and Devil devotees who apply mind-game inventions under the pretense to exert power and gain control over others. In the case of the tenets of Lucifer and Satan, to attack Christianity, and in the case of Communism, to attack Christianity and to manipulate entire nations for economic and political benefit.

Performing a Satanic murder ritual on a 14-year-old girl because she disrespected a shrine adorned with cigarettes, booze, and drugs, becomes just as absurd as sentencing someone to a Siberian gulag for 20 years for disrespecting Stalin. Starving millions of Russian peasant farmers and other citizens to build a military and industrial state after promising them shared wealth through Communism seems absurd as well.

We will explore the history of early ideas and forms of Communism and their origins and purpose--and there will be more than a few shocking surprises that reflect on what is happening in the modern world--and especially with today’s Democratic and Socialists Parties in America and Europe. The con games of Communism and Socialism have been perfected in the modern world but the deceit, attacks, power grab, and oppression remain the same as that first proposed in 1776.

President Trump claimed that MS-13 gang members and other similar gang members act like animals rather than people. Humans are part of the Animal Kingdom and one characteristic that distinguishes us as more highly evolved than mere animals is that our societies are built around morals and laws. Nancy Pelosi disagreed--to be a good Communist, she must-- claiming that we are all God’s children. Interesting that Pelosi would make this statement about MS-13 minions who have been associated with worshipping Satan since their inception. It is illogical to say that Satan worshippers are God’s children. Satan worshippers are Satan’s children.

It turns out that Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party, and especially the Democratic Deep State have a vested interest in defending MS-13 and other gangs that rape America with crime and drug sales and are paid to help to smuggle people over the southern border who include Islamic terrorists.

Read the full explanation and story in >Trafficker-in-Chief> or >Traitor’s Legacy> by yours truly. The bottom line is that documented evidence shows that the Obama administration and its Deep State partnered with the Sinaloa Cartel for drug, weapon, and human trafficking for-profit and also to destabilize America. The heroin and fentanyl crises were intentional constructs by the Obama administration. MS-13 is linked up to the Sinaloa Cartel and is one of the main distributors of these and other illicit drugs that resulted in thousands upon thousands of overdoses and hundreds of thousands more ruined lives. These two books make a rock-solid case accusing Obama and his administration of Communist allegiance and goals. Dominated by Communist doctrines, the Democrats are convinced they are empowered by illegal immigration including the likes of MS-13. Let’s be clear, in MS-13, the Democrat leadership has formed alliances that include admitted Satan worshippers. Although we may understand the benefits of Satanism in terms of survival and effectiveness in the world of crime organizations, and the limited alternatives to live and reproduce, MS-13 represents a de-evolution of humanity into a barbarian state--one of the goals of Communism. Communists aim first to destroy a targeted society before replacing it with a Communist State.

Thanks to MS-13 and other gangs, Los Angeles accounted for more murders per capita than even Washington, D.C. by the mid-1990s. Although MS-13 had been around for over 20 years at the time, suddenly it was a public safety issue. From 1993 to 2001, Bill Clinton served as our president. President Bill Clinton’s second term administration claimed it was going to decrease gang violence by deporting MS-13 members by the thousands back to the Northern Triangle which was composed of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The infusion of MS-13 overwhelmed the triangle which was plagued with corruption, war, and weak governments. MS-13 thrived and grew in the Northern Triangle--and re-entered the United States in even greater numbers and with better organization.

I documented that the Obama Administration, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others intentionally created, funded, and supplied with weapons, ISIS and ISIL as proxies for war in Libya, Syria, and Iraq to the benefit of American and EU companies and also to secure trafficking routes. Now I am wondering if Bill Clinton’s administration and its unleashed rogue CIA which was already known for trafficking cocaine and arms in the Iran-Contra Affair, intentionally spiked up MS-13 presence through Northern Triangle recruitment efforts to distribute cocaine which was snorted and smoked as crack in Los Angeles during the same period. The Democratic administration allowed crack cocaine to devastate LA’s black communities.

In addition to setting records for murders in United States cities, MS-13, and its rival gangs made the Northern Triangle the most violent place in a world that is not at war.

Scott Campbell

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