Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Post-Presidency, the Obamas have a film production company called Higher Ground and will pimp Deep State Communist propaganda through cinema. The Obama's "Higher Ground" production company is a Communist Front. Communism first arose from biblical concepts of Satan as the ultimate adversary who constantly works to destroy. Communism tricks a proletariat into helping to destroy a society and its government so Communist elites can takeover and usurp its wealth from both the rich and the poor.

“American Factory” is a story about a Chinese billionaire who hires American auto workers for an abandoned GM plant. Taking over GM was a dream of Obama’s mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, and Obama achieved it. The problem is that the Chinese will often open a business in a foreign country and promise to hire local workers, but will end up with imported Chinese workers instead. Just ask most any Cambodian about Chinese casinos in Cambodia. A better title would have been “Chinese Factory: Taking Away Americans’ Jobs.”

The Obamas contract with Netflix is purported to be in the high eight figures, or north of $80 million. This puts the estimated net worth of the Obamas well over $200 million. Of course, the Obamas' first film was produced by well-known Communists who won an Oscar for best documentary and quoted Karl Marx during their acceptance speech.

"We believe things will get better if the workers of the world unite!"

American Factory's directors, Julia Reichart and Jim Klein directed "Seeing Red" in the early 1970s about the political activism of Americans who were supporters or members of the American Communist Party USA. It was one of the first non-fiction films to examine the role of the Communist Party USA in American politics.

Marx's economic theories were patently wrong. For World Wars I and II, the workers of the world did not unite, they fought for their own country's lines. Darwin was right, Marx was wrong. What Marx was able to do was provide a framework for violent revolution that would kill up to 150 million people and destroy the lives of even more through economic ruin and torture or imprisonment. Marxism was about achieving regime change through violence, not helping the poor or downtrodden.

In America, we have unions. Workers have legal rights. Workers don't need to unite to overthrow entire governments to try and get more from their employers. Reichart's tiresome regurgitation of a Marxist failed concept that succumbed to basic Darwinism is a feeble attempt at more costly and violent revolution to benefit the Communist elite.

Modern Communism is about making lots of money and seizing power through various ruses of pretending to help the poor or the common worker. It is a sham. It is lying and violent gangsters in government.

It is no surprise that the rigged Oscar machine of Hollywood which has been dominated by the Communists since the 1930s gave the Oscar to the Obamas.

Prediction: "Higher Ground" will produce mostly pro-Communist media and events as part of Hollywood's Communist infection and fever. "Higher Ground" will take advantage of the Obama branding to brainwash as many people as it can to have a favorable view of Communism. It will target "people of color," White liberals, and youth in general. It will accuse the White Establishment of racism and bigotry, classic Communist protocol. It will win more Oscars for work that is not deserving but serves the global Communist agenda.

Another rigged award, Michelle Obama received an Emmy for reading from her best-selling book. What a joke when so many deserving people received no Emmy. Her book is anti-Trump and anti-Republican and published by the huge Communist and Radical Socialist publisher, Bertelsmann through its intermediaries. Bertelsmann Corp made it big by publishing books for Hitler using Jewish slave labor.

Read my book about Michelle Obama called "Hoax Higher" for more. Her's and Barack's big payday from Bertelsmann is included.

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

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