The Obama Gang Brought in Al Sharpton to Further Racial Divides and Promote Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

During the Obama Gang administration, according to an article on on December 11, 2014, Al “Sharpton had been enthusiastically embraced by President Obama.” He bragged about helping to pick a new attorney general after Eric Holder’s demise and logged dozens upon dozens of visits to the White House for meetings and events.

Applying the Communist teachings of Herbert Marcuse who emphasized that the suffering of minority identities was an opportunity to make inroads for Communist control of their communities, the Obama Mob worked to increase racial and gender tensions and divides.

Al Sharpton, if anything, is a racist against whites, and especially Jews, and had a long history as a race-baiter. A Politico pundit described Sharpton as “Obama's

go-to man on race.”

Al Sharpton was in the White House to aid the agenda to create a race war, not only between Blacks and Whites but between as many minorities as possible against Whites. The Communist plot was to scapegoat Whites for everybody's problems and then to attack them.

“With the exception of another one-on-one West Wing meeting in August 2010 — this time with top adviser David Axelrod — most other visits included Obama’s secretive Chicago consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, or her staff. Described in a 2008 piece in New York magazine as “the woman who taught Sharpton to lower his voice,” Jarrett is widely viewed as his gateway into the White House.”

“That’s reflected in the visitor log. Although Sharpton met with Jarrett herself only four times between 2010 and 2012, he regularly meets one-on-one and in small groups with top people in the White House public-relations office, which Jarrett heads. He met seven times with public-relations adviser Heather Foster, once with Jarrett’s assistant, Kathy Branch, and another time with the office’s deputy director, Buffy Wicks. There were also various meetings with a handful of other Jarrett underlings.”

Valerie Jarrett is a well-known Communist leader and had worked with Michelle Obama to arrange her employment for cush jobs in return for marrying Barack Obama and acting like a wife.

Al Sharpton was helping to push David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett’s Communist agenda built around a phony race war.

According to discover the, Al Sharpton was convicted of libel in the Tawana Brawley Hoax where she falsely claimed she had been raped by three White lacrosse players. Back in 1995, Sharpton incited a black anti-semite rally against a Jewish business establishment in Harlem.

A person like Al Sharpton is not the type of person a President brings in to heal racial tensions.

Al Sharpton was brought in to make them worse.

Sharpton had been mentored by Communist Jesse Jackson who was so integral to the Obama Mob’s rise to power. Sharpton addressed a New York Rally for Angela Davis for a Communist Party USA front group called the Committee to Free Angela Davis, to “expose the connection between [the] A&P [Corporation], U.S. monopoly capitalism, racism and imperialism, and related these to the Angela Davis case and the threat to the vital rights of the Black people.”

Scott Campbell

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