Imagine you are one of the few hundred members of the top brass of the Deep State. You and your buddies control most of what happens on the planet, and when and where. Your wealth is beyond compare. For any country that matters, you rig the elections to put in the puppets of your choice. You live like kings and queens while billions starve. But you don't care if they starve, or need healthcare, or suffer from pollution--unless you can make a buck off of it or gain even more control.

You start wars and end wars to make the most profit. You brainwash through the mass media that you own. People complain but let them try to do something. You will squash them like ants or flies.

You get the best healthcare possible, the best of foods, you travel by personal jet, you party, you have any drug or sexual companion you want and as often as you want. You have lots of kids to seize power for your lineage later on.

For you life is good. You don't care about what happens to the planet... if it falls apart you will go somewhere to escape.

With your kind of money, you can do anything. Your wealth and greed stifle planetary advancement. We could solve our problems if you did not steal most of the wealth and shelve new technologies that would eat up your profits.

But wait. Your American chapter of the Deep State screwed up so badly that you let an outsider get elected. One Donald Trump.

Don't worry, you said, we have a back-up plan. We will impeach him. You said you simply won't let him be president. You set up elaborate hoaxes and false evidence to smear him or trap him.

It didn't work.

You made the mistake of letting the people choose a president instead of you--something that has not happened for decades..

It took a while, but as he dodged your attacks, and launched counter-attacks, he simultaneously rallied his base and added some strong allies.

His momentum carried over to the EU. Brexit happened. The EU will fall with your Deep State because it is your Deep State.

You are losing. You tried impeachment only to take turns portraying lying circus clowns.

Trump is taking you down and out.

The greatest hero requires the greatest challenge and the greatest support. The entire Deep State, including the FBI and the CIA members who have gone rogue, could not defeat Trump. Trump has a team and it's growing in size and effectiveness.

Although not without personal flaws, Trump will go down in history as not only the greatest president but the greatest American hero. Leaders are not perfect, except in leading--and the alpha leader is never without a bit of a temper. You attacked an alpha leader and his family, you disrespected him, and you made him angry. Now the counter-attack comes at you to make you but a catalyst for the greater good to emerge. It is time that speaks to you and it is time that listens back only to speak to you again.

Those emotions laced with evil must be vacuumed from your soul.

Say bye-bye. It was not nice knowing you and it much better to forget you.

Yours truly.

Scott Campbell

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