President Xi spoke to mark the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, calling him “the greatest thinker of modern times”, and arguing that the 19th-century German philosopher “pointed out the direction, with scientific theory, toward an ideal society with no oppression or exploitation”.

Xi had lied. Marx's economic theories and predictions of revolutions arising naturally out of disgruntled workers who would unite around the world totally fell flat on their faces. History proved Marx wrong and his theories were far from "scientific," instead arising from the principles of Satanism. Countries which adopted a form of Marxism, like the USSR and Communist Chinese, did nothing but exploit and oppress the working class, essentially turning them into low-wage or no-wage slaves.

February 2019

China marked the 170th anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, the guiding political document for the communist movement. With the publication of the document, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in February 1848, Marxism emerged "as if a lightning cut through dark sky," said an article published by Xinhua News Agency.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) applied his editing and writing skills to advance early Socialist and Communist movements towards usurping power and wealth from the Catholic Church through violent revolution. Concepts of Communism consolidated in Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati in 1776. The theories of early Communism apply today to our Democratic Party which has become infested with Marx and Gramsci. Author/blooger Scott Campbell reveals Marx’s penchant for destruction and Satanism, his racism, and his employment by the rich, which are just some of his characteristics that today’s Marxists don’t want you to know about.

The identity and callous nature of the “Satanists” behind the Radical Socialist and Communist movements will shock you.

Communists feed on both resources and souls by force to empower themselves.

We can define “Satan” as the symbol of “the destructive forces forming the antithesis to the Christian God.” Satan not only is evil, Satan wants to get his hands dirty.

Communists envy control of the labor force and government. With this definition, all Communists, relative to Christian nations, can be labeled “Satanists” because they first seek to destroy by any means necessary.

Not only are Communists immoral, or a moral, they strive to be anti-moral. They are Satanic Gangsters with manipulation skills. One doesn’t have to be sacrificing animals, babies, or virgins in Demonic rituals chanting “Hail Satan” and participating in orgies afterward to be a “Satanist.” However, “High Priest” Karl Marx demonstrated considerable knowledge about Satanic rituals in his poetry and dramas and rejected “the one who ruled from above” as he was admittedly destined for hell.


001 Marx’s Communist Manifesto specifically attacked Christianity as a big part of what needed to be destroyed to establish a Communist State. The goal was to destroy everything about Christian societies. Who seeks to destroy Christ, Christianity, and Christians: Satan.

002 Marx received letters from his son with the salutation “Dear Devil.” Marx’s wife referred to him as “Bishop” and “High Priest”--which is specific to Satanic cults. A letter from his father showed concern that Marx had been possessed by a demon. These letters suggest Marx was a Satanic cult member.

003 Although writing about Satanism doesn’t make one a Satanist, Marx demonstrated his extensive knowledge of Satanic rites. He wrote a drama about making a pact with the Devil.

004 To add to Communist Manifestos, Marx was hired to update Adam Weishaupt’s work who was a prominent Illuminati, who were, in turn, occultists.

005 Marx wrote extensively that he sided with Satan over God, and had a personal vendetta against God.

006 Nesta Webster claimed that “the cult of Satan flourished in Bavaria at the same time as illuminism” which dominated Weishaupt’s work.

007 Marx’s economic theories were proven by history to be patently wrong, but his argument for violent terrorism and revolution resulted in up to 150 million deaths and untold suffering as part of regime change.

008 Marx had a motive to detest Christianity, it had forced his family, with a long history of rabbi members, to convert from Judaism to have a chance to succeed in society.

009 Marx was an expert in the “Heart and Soul” of Communism, the art of Dialectical Materialism, that also underlies Satanism as the antithesis of God.

010 Marx had close friends who were admitted Satanists, such as Proudhon and Bakunin, who were in frequent correspondence with him.

Marx’s prescription for never-ending violent revolution and destruction for the world alone meets our definition of Satanism which is bent on destroying Christianity. When we add in all of the circumstantial evidence from the documented writings concerning the Devil, and especially those of his family and close friends, it would be hard to argue that Marx was not an occult Satanist as well.

Marx's penchant for revolution through violence for the sake of destruction of nations resulted in up to 150 million deaths steeped in oppression, imprisonment, and torture. "Workers of the world unite" became "Be disbanded, suffer for life or die."

Scott Campbell

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