Summary Book for Live Free or Die by Sean Hannity (#1 Best Seller: Kindle Books)

Updated: Jan 5

WARNING!: If you are a Democrat don't read this book. The facts about your party, now led by radical socialists, are embarrassingly despicable. If you are a Conservative or Independent and want to survive, then this book and Sean Hannity’s are must-reads. Be aware that your family will always live under constant attack by socialists. Know why.

Important books demand widespread readership and understanding. Live Free or Die is one of them.

Use this Best Selling Summary and Analysis book to:

#1 Decide if the original book is for you. Hint: it is!

#2 Get chapter-by-chapter main points and takeaways.

#3 Gain a better understanding,

#4 Learn what you must know in 15-60 minutes.

#5 Refresh your memory of the parent book.

By publishing his first book in a decade which is guaranteed to be a top bestseller--it already appeared as #1 or #2 in Amazon rankings--Sean Hannity continues to battle the radical socialists and the Left who would just love to eliminate our long tradition of freedom framed by the Founding Fathers.

In Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink, Hannity explores the rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, and the tenets of freedom that propelled America to greatness in a short time. No other nation ever amassed more wealth and power and created more means to advance the human condition.

Like an infectious and festering boil, Leftwing resentment, radicalism, and elaborate plans for theft and graft grew in the shadows to undermine democracy beginning in the turbulent 1960s. After 60+ years of sustained effort, they comprise a formidable army of social justice warriors aided and abetted by such institutions as academia, the mainstream media, and the diabolical Deep State which Hannity calls the Leftist Juggernaut.

Hannity warns us of a victory in November of 2020 for the Democrats. We can count on even more socialism and its accompanying plans for economic dysfunction and alienation of our populations. The result? A nation nearly unrecognizable from the great America most of us grew up in, appreciated, and loved, the freest and most successful country in the world.

Hannity’s book explores the Russian collusion hoax in detail as well as the fake Whistleblower hoax about Trump’s telephone call to the President of Ukraine. He leaves no stone unturned in revealing the impeachment hoax. He covers just about everything important about Trump’s time in office so far.

There could not be a more timely and important book.

Hannity makes his argument for a viable solution.

  • First: Vote!

  • Second: Inform others of the truth.

  • Third: Support Trump in all ways possible to be re-elected.

Hannity is not afraid to be an alarmist about repelling the specter of what he calls the “Leftist Juggernaut.” Lurking in the shadows of a sinister and diabolical Deep State, this Juggernaut is not only out to stomp into oblivion President Trump, but also all Conservatives and the freedom they love.

The beast is socialism.

The same Conservatives elected Trump to fight this Juggernaut and drain the swamp after eight years of a corrupt and damaging anti-American Obama administration. Under attack from day one of his campaign, Trump--the social media warrior with a personal touch for all of his base--has fought back and wounded the beast to make it more angry than ever.

Hannity says he needs our help to finish it off.

Hannity chastises Barack Obama and his administration and blames their progressive agenda for “change” as laying the foundation for people like Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and AOC to pop-up as grumpy and bitchy socialist groundhogs. No Obama, no Bernie, no Ilhan Omar, no AOC, and no more big success for the socialist wave of wanton corruption and destruction of all things American.

Hannity explains how legislative compromises made by the Republicans helped propel our nation towards being a socialist one as the government continued to expand. Conservatism is marked by less invasive, more decentralized, and overall smaller government and spending. Conservatives believe in following the Constitution to the letter, wielding power only for what was voted on by our Founding Fathers. Leftists believe in tearing it up.

Conservatives believe that Americans deserve protection from domestic and foreign threats with a federal government that respects our Bill of Rights and balance of power.

Liberals seek to assist others in attacking Americans through domestic and foreign threats with no respect for our Bill of Rights or the balance of power.

Liberals want power more than anything else to shape society in their image and favor.

Hannity argues that it is liberty that makes America unique and the creativity that blossoms with liberty lead to our economic strength. Freedom is what constrains socialism and authoritarianism that the Left pushes at us continuously.

Rather than help most Americans, the Left’s wacky proposals are meant to bankrupt and replace us with un-Americans, both foreign and domestic, whom the Left can control completely.

The Left and its progressive socialism are not to be taken lightly, nearly 140 million died and many more suffered, were imprisoned, or were exiled from amoral Leftist regimes. Hannity cautions us that the future of our children and grandchildren depends on what we do now.


Important books demand widespread readership and understanding.

Live Free or Die by Sean Hannity is one such book. United States of Socialism by Dinesh D’Sousa is another. Scott Campbell’s Best Seller Summary and Analysis series provides a complementary summary of main points that will help the reader to fully understand the longer book from which it was based.

A Best Seller Summary and Analysis is not meant to be a substitute for its parent book.

As the author, I generally choose Best Sellers which have congruent material to my books. Many of my books have communism, socialism, American Conservatism, and the Deep State as main themes. I believe that most socialists are communists, and socialism is but a more palatable step towards complete communism with a totalitarian rule.

Option #1: Read a chapter or section from the parent book, and then the summary and analysis for that part.

Option #2: Buy the summary and analysis book first. Make sure the parent book is for you. If it is, then dive into the parent book with a built-in framework.

These techniques will help you fully understand and master the concepts and ideas and why they are important.

Scott Campbell

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