Shocking Insight: Autonmous Zone Created by the Deep State to Help Defeat Trump: New Book on Antifa

Updated: Jan 12

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Antifa: Satan's Communists and Anarchists.

The tragic death of George Floyd, a black man, who died in the hands of four police officers on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, led to nationwide protests of police brutality against blacks and subsequent riots and looting.

Antifa played a major role.

According to major news agencies, Antifa had used social media to inform their members and supporters to loot stores, destroy cars, burn buildings, including government buildings, and attack police, one of their sworn enemies.

Members of Antifa traveled from across state borders to congregate at pre-selected sites for rioting. It was organized, it was coordinated, like an army.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr made public accusations against Antifa and other violent groups using Antifa-like tactics calling them outside agitators and radicals. President Trump called out Antifa as one of the instigators behind the riots and mayhem.

Over 800 police officers would be injured, and some were murdered with guns. Hundreds of millions in property damage tallied up quickly.


The Chapel Hill Autonomous Zone or “CHAZ” was established by protestors led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Seattle around an abandoned police precinct. After taking control of the government and private property for six city blocks, they promptly erected barricades protected by armed guards and declared themselves as independent of the United States and made demands that mirrored the DSA: free illegal immigrants, free college education, and free healthcare.

Antifa and BLM established their participation in the Autonomous Zone with signage and social media posts.

Opinion: The Obama Deep State is likely behind the Autonomous Zone in Seattle, Washington. Seattle Mayor Democrat Jenny Durkan is suspected of telling Police Chief Carmen Best, to abandon the precinct that would become the epicenter for the Autonomous Zone. So far Durkan has denied it.

Durkan's alleged order came two weeks after she mandated that the police could use tear gas to disperse violent rioters-which had worked well.

The Obama Deep State had nominated Jenny Durkan for US Attorney for Washington (western portion) in 2009. The Obama Deep State had weaponized the Department of Justice for its entire reign in office.

For a detailed and insightful analysis of what the Obama regime did and how it operated and why read these books by yours truly:

Obama: Traitors Legacy

The Obamas’ Rape and Murder of America

Obama: Trafficker-In-Chief

Related to the Obama Deep State buying up US Attorneys is also covered in LIES about the Jussie Smollett case.

US AG Eric Holder, as described in the first three books above, went on an unprecedented crime spree for the Obama Deep State that included arming, and protection from prosecution, drug cartels like Sinaloa, and Hezbollah. The Obama Deep State mostly emanated from Chicago and ran it “Chicago Style” with strong-arm crony politics. The Obama Deep State made appointments that would help the Deep State achieve its goal of fascist and communist rule of America, including its government.

This implies that Jenny Durkan was nominated for US Attorney for WA because she was dedicated to the Deep State and also corruptible. It also explains why Durkan is so hostile, disrespectful, and rude to Trump, even suggesting that he "go back to his bunker." Since government officials made the unheard-of decision to walk away from a police department in the middle of a capital city during times of riots, it also suggests that the Autonomous Zone is a Deep State planned event and more will be attempted to disrupt Trump's re-election. Antifa has established its participation in the Autonomous Zone both with signage and social media posts and on film leading the riots.

When you have Democrat government officials working to aid Antifa and BLM violence and now property takeover...It also suggests that ANTIFA AND BLM ARE WORKING WITH THE DEEP STATE. Portland, NYC, LA, and Chicago will be among the targets for more Autonomous Zones because they are controlled by Deep State Democrats.

Scott Campbell

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