Epstein, Sex, Government, Scandals, and More Sex: How to Solve the Problem

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Having extramarital sex, and lying about it, can take down the leader of the free world. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, in all places, the White House. Now 26 logged trips to Epstein’s underage Sex Island is not exactly helping his image.

The Epstein -Clinton case is a perfect example of the dangers to Society when our sex drive is mixed with politics and power.

Epstein's uncontrollable urge for sex just killed him. Epstein risked his life to satisfy his addiction for sex and abuse and lost.

How many well-known elected officials, candidates, and CEOs’ careers have been adversely affected by sex scandals?

Sadly, the FBI recently released documents and recordings proving that Martin Luther King was not only a serial sex predator, and a cheater on his wife, but a sexual deviant as well. Having many extramarital affairs is not unusual for many men who find themselves in power and famous, but I hope coaching another man in a rape, and laughing about the whole thing, is not.

Dinesh D'Sousa tweeted to Laura Ingraham on MLK:, saying MLK's legacy could all come down for the Democrats who claim they are the only ones who care about women's rights as they embrace the Islamists as political allies who show the worse abuse of women in the history of the world.

The Washington Post in December of 1998 ran an article about how Rep. Bob Livingston resigned as Speaker-Designate because he had cheated on his wife even as he demanded that Clinton resign from the presidency.

ABC News ran an article about political sex scandals and that Newt Gingrich was among them. Gingrich cheated on his first and second wives. He had an affair with Congressional aide, Callista Bisek while leading the Clinton impeachment proceedings for having an affair with a White House aide. Newt resigned abruptly setting up Bob Livingston’s resignation soon thereafter.

President Trump dealt with sexual allegations from porn actress and stripper Stormy Daniels and allegedly had an affair with former playmate Karen McDougal that came to the public’s attention during his campaign in 2016.

Former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover “had the dirt on everyone who was anyone” that included sexual compromise and allegedly used that dirt for threats of blackmail to control politicians. Sexual impropriety is such a taboo that Democrats did their best to fabricate it to block Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Foreign intelligence groups like Israel’s Mossad are known to help set up sex rings, for example with underage girls, for the explicit reason to compromise powerful people with sex photographs and videos.

When you read about evolution in Purge and Fix and Fighting the Deep State War

On Christianity, and the salient points of natural and sexual selection, you will understand how our sexual urges are so strong that the social and psychological strategies and mating processes, including language, that envelope them, may very well account for the bulk of our rapid brain development over the last 200,000 years. Romance and artistic entertainment led to bigger brains. But men scheming on how to get laid on the side, and keep it hidden from their main mate, may have resulted in bigger brains just as well and certainly more babies. Evolution favors men to cheat with young women.

If our sexual urges are so strong and our society is so sensitive to what it deems to be sexual abuse and improprieties, then we have an extremely precarious backdrop for politics and government.

Agencies like the Mossad, or a rogue like J. Edgar Hoover, can gain tremendous power through blackmail involving sexual compromise.

Elected officials- including presidents- or prominent government appointees can be taken down and out by taking advantage of their Darwinian urge for sex regardless of how well they are performing in their job. This situation does not bode well for honest, transparent, and incorruptible government. Playing the blackmail card is devastating.

We have yet another Human failing with potentially dire consequences that probably taints our government more than we would want to admit. Imagine if the Mossad or a similar agency has the dirt on a President and leverages that for significant gain that robs the American taxpayer.

The solution lies in properly vetting candidates and potential employees for high positions to make sure that they have not been compromised already.

The solution also lies in the gradual reformation of government by easily compromised Humans, with brain-bugs and biological weaknesses too numerous to count, to digital and automated government that cannot be compromised, stays focused, is not corruptible or greedy, keeps its zipper up, and is getting smarter all of the time. (explained in my books)


Scott Campbell

July 9, 2019

Deep State PURGE and FIX

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Applying AI, Digital Govt, Block Chain, Deep Learning and Civic Tech to Fight the Deep State Agenda


LIES: Jussie Smollett and the Deep State Agenda

Amazon, look inside

Deep State PURGE and FIX

LIES: Jussie Smollett and the Deep State Agenda


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