Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Based on the new book: TRUMP'S CHINESE CORONAVIRUS WAR AND OTHER EPIC BATTLES AND HEROICS: Corrupt and Satanic Radical Socialists, Islamists, and Communists Wage War on Christianity and the Free World $3.99

President Trump's sham of an Impeachment was in full swing. The ability of the government to deal with a new--important--world crisis was not.

Early alarms about a potential global pandemic from Wuhan had popped up already. Taiwan investigated and found it real-- and acted as if a pandemic was imminent. The United States did not react. Did they have had the same intelligence? Why would not Taiwan inform them?

On January 31, 2020, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) saw what was happening on Twitter regarding the novel coronavirus and drew comparisons to the Spanish flu. The Spanish flu eventually infected half a billion people. Banks said coronavirus seemed to spread just as fast. He said a quarantine was in order.

He was a month late.

Banks was a month late for his alert because the crucial time was right before New Year's Eve and the mass travel that would come within and beyond China. Five million Chinese would leave an infected Wuhan before it was quarantined, right in time for holiday travel.

On January 31, 2020, a ruse partisan impeachment had Congress and everybody else's full attention. February 10, 2020, would be the first "briefing" on the novel coronavirus--Adam Schiff taking his time--that emerged in November, some 3 months earlier.

The impeachment hampered the effectiveness of the government to either gather the appropriate evidence in front of the President and Congress or to act on any portion of it.

One could argue that the partisan sham which proved nothing was in part responsible for helping to delay the response to the potential pandemic which torched the economy as it took lives.

The Democrats were responsible for the delay in this way and for increasing the infections through social media to ignore the virus and live life accordingly even going so far as to recommend the subways-- which should have been shut down completely. See below.

If you read Part I and my other blogs and books, you will find that I hold the position that the Chinese and the Democrats worked together to try and derail the Trump train through the pandemic. Whether or not the novel virus came from a lab, a wet market, or another early source, the result is the same. The Chinese government went to great lengths to ensure that there would be a global pandemic, and the WHO and the Democrat leaders aided and abetted them. If we assume this was the case, then we might conjecture that the impeachment proceedings were orchestrated to provide a clever diversion for the launch of the virus. This would require teamwork between the Democrats and the Chinese government that they seem to continuously defend and support.

The question becomes: Did the Chinese and the Dems intentionally plan the peak of the impeachment to coincide with the unleashing of the coronavirus upon the world to help conceal it, knowing attention would be focused on impeachment?

Perhaps when they realized that the impeachment was not going anywhere, they decided to release the virus rather than quarantine it in a last attempt to disrupt the Trump train...

The Dems baseless, impotent, and partisan impeachment paralyzed the government so it could not react properly to what China was preparing for us... WAR!

By the way, Xi formally declared a "People's War" on the United States in February.

I'm betting the Dems and the Chinese had plans by DEC 2019 to put out false info on the coronavirus to try and make the Trump admin look bad, had plans for an Investigation Committee already and another partisan impeachment before Nov 2020.

Possible Communist motives for spreading the virus:

001 Tank the American economy to harm Trump's re-election campaign.

002 For the same reason, accuse Trump of causing and/or mishandling of the crisis. Tedros, who "missed" the advent of the coronavirus altogether as far as human transmission goes, went on record for criticizing Trump for his handling of the crisis that he and the Chinese caused in the first place.

003 Give the Communist goons a free pass to arrest and detain dissidents under the guise that they were infected by the virus and had to be quarantined.

004 Give their Communist partners around the world, such as Iran's government, and now the Italian government, the same free pass to quash resistance to Communism in Iran and Italy, where we just happen to see the greatest sickness.

005 Give themselves a chance to appear like a better world leader.

Since the first infection in the United States, which happened the day after WHO tweeted there was no evidence that the coronavirus transmitted itself through human-to-human contact back in January, the Communist Chinese partners in America have fulfilled their role in two ways.

001 Prominent leaders of the Democrat Party, such as Bill de Blasio, and their mainstream and social media armies, have been critical of Trump's response to the coronavirus which has been judged to be stellar by most. Bill de Blasio acted to influence New Yorkers to spread the virus by as late as March 4, 2020.

Even the NYC Health Commissioner, Democrat Oxiris Barbot, aka "Death Squad Leader for Germ Warfare" on February 7, 2020, told New Yorkers to "go about their lives" and take the subway, sentencing many to an infection with the coronavirus.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as recently as March 3rd, 2020, said riding on the subway presented “no risk" for contracting the coronavirus, another absolute lie. It is interesting that the timing was almost exactly the same as de Blasio's suggestions to go out and join crowds.

But it comes as no surprise with the contention that the UK, formerly of the EU, is in co-hoots with American Democrat leaders and the Chinese Communist leadership as well.

As recently as March 10, 2020, Sadiq claimed there was no risk in other forms of public transportation, like buses, or going to events such as concerts.

Senator Rick Scott tweeted that the WHO gets millions of US taxpayers' dollars but helped the Chinese Communist Party cover up the coronavirus global pandemic. He called for a Congressional investigation into what the WHO knew and when.

002 Stalled the Congressional spending bill to help by staying out on recess in a health emergency and now insisting on drafting their bill which will waste more time, kill more people, and inevitably cost the taxpayers more money than they should have to pay. Is there any doubt the Democrats will be adding on funding for non-related programs that will benefit them and allow them to reward cronies and steal more money?

So we have the Communist Chinese, WHO, and the Democrat Party all exploiting the coronavirus crisis to defeat Trump in 2020.

It's time to take a stand and fight back.

WWIII and Civil War II has begun.

Scott Campbell

Clic for large map: Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Map





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