Obama Commuted Sentences,or Pardoned nearly 2,000. Most of Them Related to Drug Dealing

Updated: Jan 12


The following arises from:

Often law enforcement agencies spend years building cases against major drug dealers and assume the risks of going undercover. If your identity is discovered you're likely dead.

At the end of his second term, Obama made it obvious that he was on the side of the drug dealers rather than law enforcement.

The Obama Gang set records for commuting sentences and pardons which involved some of the most significant drug dealers including cocaine and meth dealers. Meth addicts turn into zombies and then die. For some of the criminals that Obama pardoned or commuted sentences, their request for reduced sentences had been rejected by judges. In other words, they were hardened or “career” criminals.

Obama granted executive clemency to nearly 2,000 federal- level criminals. The vast majority of the criminals granted executive clemency by Obama had been convicted on drug charges. Many had received mandatory and very long sentences.

He commuted over 500 life sentences--these had to be some pretty nasty characters.

In total, Obama commuted a number of sentences that was more than all 13 of the last presidents--combined. During his last full day in office, on January 19, 2017, Obama set the record for the largest single-day use of clemency power with 330 commutations.

Opinion: These horrendous acts were slaps in the face for law enforcement personnel who had not only worked hard to put serious criminals behind bars who were a detriment to society but had risked their lives to do so. These despicable acts of executive clemency are more circumstantial evidence that the Obama Gang was linked to global drug trafficking.

Another possible reason for the commutations would be that the Obama Gang wanted our streets flooded with illicit drugs to help distract our youth from traditional academics and advancement. In this way, they could be more easily manipulated by the Deep State to protest, loot, or riot. An estimated 80% of Antifa members are heavy drug users.

Opinion: there is an abundance of evidence, including court testimony by government agents, showing that the transnational Deep State Obama Gang had teamed up with both the Sinaloa Cartel and Hezbollah for drug trafficking. One of their territories was the United States Mexican border.

The Sinaloa Cartel immigration plaza bosses, with the logistics support of the Obama Gang, could conceivably communicate with government informants to gather intelligence on where and when to cross the border.

Opinion: The Obama Gang and the Sinaloa Cartel were business partners and profited together from illegal immigration. The massive illegal immigration of children in 2014 and after, many of which were destined to be sex and/or labor slaves, was condoned and encouraged by the Obama Gang through government policy and selective enforcement of immigration laws. Even though the Sinaloa Cartel may not have been in the final leg for placing sex and labor slaves, they profited from taxes and fees for them to cross the border and were better able to control the border against rival gangs smuggling drugs into the United States. The Democratic party leadership through its unwavering support for the Obama Gang’s policies, knowing their true intent, stand accused as well.

Opinion: this helps to explain the caravan strategy to overwhelm a particular entry zone, or “plaza.”

Opinion: we can imagine the recruits, with backpacks full of drugs, included among the illegal immigrants--and they will have a good chance of becoming permanent drug-dealing residents of the United States. They will send money back to their country of origin to bring in relatives, some of them also destined to be traffickers.


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