New Book: Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics

Communism is one of the biggest stories of the 20th century, and, along with President Trump, of the 21st century so far. When you pit one against the other there was bound to be fireworks. Epic battles arose that not only shook and engulfed a nation but a world and finally revealed without a shadow of a doubt the existence of a sinister DeepState.

Communists will often refer to themselves as “Socialists” or “Progressives” but don’t be fooled, they are “Communists” nevertheless.

Based on the early history of Communism, the definition of Communism emphasizes the antithesis of God and continuous destruction associated with Satan. This definition fits modern Communists quite well. Communism thus shows itself as a political form of Satanism. It was intentionally crafted that way to dispose of rulers from the Catholic Church. We continue to see a global attack on Christians in every way possible because Christians are the backbone of the traditional family values, patriotism, and nationalism that the Satanic Communists must destroy to win.

Not to be taken lightly, Communism and Radical Socialism, which are merely different evolutionary stages of the same beast, serve as a ruse to usurp power and wealth for their elite. They seek totalitarian control. They are not out to help the poor but to manipulate the poor into being good little Communists at the expense of the middle class. Communists want to destroy the middle class as much as they want to destroy Christianity.

Communists like Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castrol, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro--and Barack Obama-- are responsible for not only hundreds of millions of deaths but also hundreds of millions of lives destroyed through torture, displacement, and economic ruin. They robbed both the rich and the poor to concentrate wealth for themselves as they constantly lie and tell you otherwise. This is a historical fact for all Communist regimes that have held power for a long enough period.

For this book, we lump the Radical Socialists into the larger group of “Communists.” If one espouses Communist principles, defends other Communists, deifies Communist leaders, praises Communist countries, applies classic Communist techniques to attack opponents, works towards anarchy, is immoral or amoral, and lies most of them, one is a “Communist.” Thus Bernie Sanders and AOC become not “Radical Socialists” but hard-core Communists disguising themselves as Socialists.

Learn about the various Communist ruthless political and social techniques that underlie today’s Radical Socialists, Islamists, and Communists and that permeate the battlefields daily.

Join the war, or risk defeat or “social imprisonment” like so many millions have in the past, and billions face now.

This book concludes with a blacklist of Radical Socialists and Communists and how each one earned their spot on the blacklist. This is nothing less than an indictment for anti-Americanism and an attempt to destroy the very fabric of our society.

Many Communists are committing treason as they lie to you and pretend they are the good guys trying to help the poor and save the planet. They are an infection, they are what ails the planet and are holding us back in solving our problems and living up to our full potential.

Scott Campbell

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