Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Taking advantage of our primate past and men's genetic drives, Islam encourages the rape of women, and the younger the better.

Sharia is arbitrary totalitarianism based upon a false god and masquerading as “religious law and order.” Sharia means Islamist men win against Islamist women and non-Islamists. Sharia means "We can rape you!” and “Allah will reward us for it!” Darwin’s evolutionary psychology readily explains Islamic rape and female genital mutilation-- it's all about the genes.

Unlike modern Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism, Islam teaches that, if it helps the cause to spread sharia, not only is it acceptable behavior, but a follower is actually rewarded with “heavenly capital” if one lies, cheats, taxes, rapes infidels, enslaves, or even murders. "Praise be to Allah!" Committing these acts is believed to enhance the chance of getting to heaven where an assortment of virgins, fruit, and wine await.

With the influence of Soviet communism and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1930s, Islam became totalitarian communism/fascism masquerading as a religion to manipulate its gullible and/or complicit followers.

Islam encourages a man to marry more than one wife, up to four and to take his brides as young as possible.This male supremacist polygamist “religious practice” ensures virginity which prevents cuckoldry, and takes advantage of the increased fertility of youth, and multiple pregnancies across multiple wives. It tends to produce more, and healthier, children- a distinct advantage for spreading Islamists and their gene pools.

The wives are discouraged from working outside the home or educating themselves, both of which slow down the rate of birthing babies, and threaten her husband’s absolute control of her life. Traditional Islam teaches that women should be but house and childbirth slaves or suffer beatings or disfigurement.

The same line of reasoning encourages Islamic men to rape non-Islamic women as a competitive strategy. In this twisted “religion,” heaven’s entry doors open a little wider if one rapes an infidel and produces an illegitimate baby.

So it would come as no surprise that it is common to hear of Islamic man having sex with young girls either as wives or in “grooming rings” and mistreating, disrespecting, and raping women who are non-Muslim. A July 6, 2016 WND article said Somali young men shouted to women in an upscale Minneapolis suburb in 2016 in a three-day wilding event described in police reports:

“Sharia means we can rape you!”

The Qur'an teaches that immigrants to new areas are “praised” and rewarded in Heaven, an obviously expansionist seed planted in the minds of ignorant religious minds. So now we have Muslim refugees in cities like Anchorage looking to rape the local young women, arranged by our pro-Muslim Obama administration from 2008 to 2016. If they can survive Anchorage, surely they will enter their heaven, where hopefully it is a bit warmer.

If it helps the agenda, Islam encourages animals to be animals, and the animals love it. The end result is the growth, expansion, and spreading of the genes of male populations that are cruel, oppressive animals, conquerors and slave drivers. Genghis Khan come to mind, whose genes are in .5% of European populations.

As one drunken radical Islamic male informed a British native woman so eloquently and emotionally in a London Youtube video:

"We are going to rape your country!" is quite an accurate summary. But he could have added: "And you are going to pay for it!"

Scott Campbell

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