Was Joe Scarborough's aide murdered?

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, of Morning Joe, and Joe's latest wife, wants Trump removed from Twitter for suggesting that an aide who died in Joe's office when he was a Congressman might have been murdered.

She says she is calling Jack Dorsey to have Trump removed from Twitter.

Her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was co-founder of the Globo-Fascist Trilateral Commission, the most venomous head of the Deep State Snake.

The Trilaterals work to have the biggest--and most fascist-- corporations run the planet instead of governments.

This video will conclude with a segment exposing Mika and her relationship to the Trilateral Commission.

Mika and Joe say what the Trilateral Commission wants them to say, like good Commie/Fascist puppets.

But first let's get back to the possible homicide and its cover-up.

28 year-old Lori Klausutis had no serious health conditions such as heart disease and even ran marathons.

Joe and Imus joke and laugh about sex and murder of an intern. How did that make her family feel?

Joe is not only callous and insenstive, but also seems a bit sadistic by his humor.

Joe is not only callous and insensitive, but also seems a bit sadistic by his humor.

Sexists Joe and Imus are likening Lori to a piece of meat who is used and discarded.

Unsigned letter: "Please remove the tweets'' is not "begging."

The letter was "obtained" (or written?) by the pro-Communist, pro-Fascist NY Times, by California tech expert Kara Swisher, who has political aspirations.

Mika and the Left organized a massive onslaught of claims that Trump's tweets were hurting Lori's family.

Because we can assume that Joe and Mika don't care about Lori's family, this suggests Trump's tweets are spot-on and Joe does have reason to worry.

1. The letter from Lor's husband had no handwritten signature.

2. The letter was written with the Left's narrative as a framework and immediately states that the "official" autopsy said it was an accident and Lori had an undiagnosed heart conditon.

3. The letter said "Please delete" the tweets. How is that "begging."

Knowing how the Left works, I have my doubts that her ex-husband authored the letter. He did not sign it. He could have been paid handsomely to give his permission to use his name.

The ridiculous, unfounded "conspiracy theory" is that a doctor known for lying on autopsies said Lori had an undiagnosed heart condition, feinted, fell, and hit her head on a desk.

This is preposterous, people seldom die of such falls, and especially young, healthy people.

We just saw that Joe didn't respect Lori's family at all by laughing about an intern having sex and then getting murdered.

Mika doesn't care about Lori's family, she cares about her falling ratings.

Within a few hours after the announcement of her death, Joe and his media professional went on two local news stations and stated that Lori had a heart condition and epilepsy--both lies.

It turns out that Dr. Berkland had lost his license in Missouri for falsifying autopsies!

He would also lose his license in Florida within a couple of years of the 2001 autopsy on Lori.

In 2011, Berkland was arrested in Florida for storing body parts from over 100 different people.

Don't try it, but it would nearly be impossible from a standing position to kill yourself by hitting your head on a desk just by falling.

If somebody slammed your head on a desk, maybe…

Lori died within 2 months.

Who goes through all the hassles and stress of getting elected and then resigns within 5 months? The excuse was to spend more time with his sons. Why wouldn't he consider this BEFORE running for office again?

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich cheated on their wives with aides.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about not "having sexual relations."

Both Joe and Mika have been super-sensitive and lash out violently at anyone who even mentions Lori's death-- which is also suspicious.

Trump is right. Just the fact that the case investigation stopped based on the autopsy by a doctor with a record of falsifying autopsies is enough to start up the investigation again.

Lori Klausutis DOES deserve better!

Mika's father, Zbigniew Brzezinksi, advised and "controlled" at least 5 US Presidents from Carter through Obama and created 6 wars: Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Egypt. He was the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission (TriLats) with David Rockefeller and hand-picked Council on Foreign Relations members to work towards a new economic world order. This order would replace control of governments with control by corporations, with no national boundaries. He was called one of the most dangerous men in the world and a consistent proponent of German war-time Technocracy which shaped the Left's agenda for spying on everyone, having a file on everyone, brainwashing them with propaganda through the media, and pushing Green Movements and Carbon currencies to replace the US dollar. Mika's father was responsible for creating wars that killed, maimed, or displace millions. Brzezinski helped put Obama into office and campaigned for him, sometimes intoducing him to crowds. He dictated foreign pollicy to Obama to carry out for the benefit of the Trilateral Commission including its bank, oil, and military industrial complex. The Trilateral Commission is the leader of the Deep State that ran Obama and that attacks Trump and is likely a driving/creative force in the pandemic. Mika, Daddy's little girle, was installed at MSNBC to carry out the propagand war on the American people. She is a traitor to the USA as was her deceased father.

Scott Campbell

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