According to genome researchers at Langone Health, rather than directly from China, 2/3 of coronavirus infections in NYC COVID-19 came from across the pond.

Samples from 75 patients with coronavirus were put to the test by NYU genome sequencers who can trace how an epidemic from a virus or bacteria how spreads.

Conclusion: Infected patients from the UK and Europe were the predominant cause of the NYC epidemic. Infections came mostly from the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Austria.

By taking a close look at gene sequence tiny mutations of the virus. sequencers can tell how it spread. Coronavirus RNA has about the same number of bases as the SARS virus, about 30,000 and, on average, has a minor mutation about every two weeks which creates "phylogenies" for family trees that shows the path of the pandemic.

Collections at the start of March 2020 showed that someone from England had infected an NYC resident who had no recent travel history. Restricting flights from China could not prevent the virus from coming in from flights from the UK or EU.

About 1/3 of the infections in NYC came from Asia and the West Coast of the USA, Oregon, Washington, and California.

Given the identical rhetoric regarding the coronavirus pandemic from the Communist Chinese, the American Democrats, and the EU Liberals, and the common benefits of increasing their chances to defeat Trump, one has to wonder how early they started collaborating--or evening planning together-- a pandemic in the first place. Were the Chinese working to put their crony and partner in crime under Obama, Joe Biden, into the White House all along? Were the EU Commies trying to get the UK to re-enter the EU and avoid bankruptcy and political death?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as recently as March 3rd, 2020, said riding on the subway presented “no risk" for contracting the coronavirus, another absolute lie. The timing was almost exactly the same as de Blasio's suggestions to go out and join crowds.

It comes as no surprise with the contention that the UK, formerly of the EU, is in bed with American Democrat leaders and the Chinese Communist leadership as well.

As recently as March 10, 2020, Sadiq claimed there was no risk in other forms of public transportation, like buses, or going to events such as concerts. He criticized Trump for calling it a “Chinese Virus,” accusing him of racism.

So we have the Communist Chinese, WHO, and the Democrat Party, and Liberals across the pond, all exploiting the coronavirus crisis to defeat Trump in 2020.

The EU made many “mistakes” that helped the virus spread rapidly. These blunders may have, in fact, been intentional. The Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gave similar pieces of “idiotic” advice nearly on the same day telling residents to get out and about and disregard the virus, and in Khan’s case, ride the subways and buses--the best way to catch the virus. If they are that stupid and incompetent, they should not be mayors. It is much more likely they wanted sick people and dead people for their political agenda.

Fully ⅔ of the NYC infections came from the UK and the EU.

The Communist dominated EU had motive to spread the virus rather than to contain it. A proper devastating pandemic would support arguments for the UK to re-enter the EU which will surely go bankrupt without them and scapegoating Trump might lead to his defeat in 2020.

We must first prove that Biden has a history of corruption with the Communist Chinese-- that part is easy.

I cover John Kerry's and Joe Biden's corruption in at least three of my books.


According to, In the summer of 2009, Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, collaborated with two people – Hunter Biden and Devon Archer who was Chris Heinz’s former faculty friend who had served as a fundraiser for legislator Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign to create Rosemont Capital which, according to author of Secret Empires, Peter Schweizer, “positioned to strike profitable deals overseas with foreign governments and officers with whom the U.S. government was negotiating.”

Rosemont Capital had many separate branches, including Rosemont Seneca Partners and Rosemont real property. Schweizer asserts that the money relationship that Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, and Devon Archer established with China, powerfully influenced the Obama administration’s posture toward that country.

Consider, as an example, what occurred in 2013 and 2014, whereas China – to the deep dismay of other countries in the region – was unilaterally making artificial islands equipped with military bases within the South China Sea and claiming full possession.

In December of 2013, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden visited China. Joe Biden publically stressed the importance of the American-Chinese commerce relationship but avoided talking about what China was doing within the South China Sea with artificial islands.

Journalist Tyler O’Neil: “Hunter Biden was negotiating a serious deal between Rosemont Seneca [Partners] and also the state-owned Bank of China and the U.S. effectively caved over the conflict over the South China Sea. Only 10 days after the Bidens’ visit, the state-run Bank of China created the investment fund with Rosemont Seneca Partners, referred to as Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

In 2014, writes Schweizer in Profiles in Corruption, BHR served as the the “anchor investor” for the China General Nuclear Energy Corporation (CGNPC), a state-owned nuclear company that was under FBI investigation at the time and that eventually charged with stealing U.S. nuclear secrets.

“In short,” says Schweizer, “the Chinese government was funding a business [BHR] that it co-owned together with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision-makers.”

As a result of that relationship, Rosemont Seneca Partners, not like the other Western fund, “could take Chinese government funds and invest them in China or outside the country, even within the U.S."

Legislator John Kerry visited China in 2014, and he, and a very similar fashion to Biden, echoed President Xi Jinping’s concern for a bilateral commitment to “boost Sino-U.S. economic ties.

“China and the United States represent the greatest economic alliance trading partnership in the history of humankind,” said Kerry.

At the same time, a former subsidiary of the Chinese government, Gemini Investments, was attempting to buy the Rosemont real estate branch of Rosemont Capital which words Gemini’s parent company, Sino-Sea Land, which grew out of the China Sea company and which had ties to the People’s Liberation Army Navy. The director of Gemini Investments, Li Ming, served for many terms as a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s elite conference.

Gemini eventually bought out the Rosemont Opportunities Fund II 2014 for $34 million.

Kerry visited China once more in 2015, and emphasized that “the two powers shouldn’t let the South China Sea issue get within the means of broader cooperation.” Three months later, in August 2015, Gemini Investments bought a 75% stake in Rosemont real estate with a $3 billion commitment from China.

In Sep 2015, BHR teamed up with the Aviation business Corporation of China (AVIC) – a Chinese state-owned military aviation contractor that in 2014 had taken technologies associated with the U.S. F-35 fighter aircraft – to buy Henniges, a “dual-use” components manufacturer. “Dual-use” means both civilian and military uses. The deal gave 49% possession of Henniges to BHR and 51% to AVIC.”

Because the Henniges technology had strategic implications for national security, it appeared on the restricted Commerce management List and therefore the sale to BHR and AVIC couldn't be permissible without the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), a panel composed of many of the most powerful members of the Cabinet which included the Secretaries of Defense, Commerce, Treasury, Homeland Security, Energy, and State. The State Department, of course, was headed by Kerry.

Schweizer adds that even once it was acknowledged that “Chinese firms have a protracted history of stealing nuclear secrets, Rosemont failed to modify its relationship with its Chinese partners, nor did BHR divest from the state-owned Chinese company [CGNPC] that had been stealing America’s nuclear secrets.

In 2016, BHR invested with China Molybdenum, a state-owned company with deep ties to the Chinese government and therefore the Chinese party, and whose goal is to amass large quantities of Molybdenum and other rare-earth minerals that have each military and nuclear applications. During the latter part of 2016, China Molybdenum helped BHR purchase a stake within the Tenke Fungurume mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As Schweizer sums it up:

“The son of the Vice President and a friend of the Secretary of State invested in deals that will facilitate Beijing winning the international minerals race.”

If there was plotting between the Dems, the EU, the WHO, and the Chinese Communists early on, one would wager that John Kerry, with his long history of corruption with China, would be sitting at the table.

More on this in upcoming blogs.


The director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, should not only resign, he should be indicted for murder.

Adhanom and the WHO downplayed the potential risks of the coronavirus and its ability to spread itself by human contact at the behest of the Communist Chinese--who just happened to be a major donor for his campaign to be elected director-general.

See the tweet below from the WHO dated January 14, 2020.

It's not the first time Tedros has come severe and angry criticism for intentionally misrepresenting facts to assist Communist or other totalitarian regimes.

A similar scenario that resulted in mass suffering and deaths arose from an obvious outbreak of cholera in 2017 in Ethiopia and Sudan which Tedros "poo-pooed" as "acute watery diarrhea."

Not only did the same Communist Chinese government, which is a senior managing partner in the Obama Deep State, cover up the initial origin, spread, and potential pandemic risk of the coronavirus, they ordered the WHO to put out disinformation and propaganda.

Tedros' WHO complied.

On January 14, 2020, the WHO tweeted that there was no clear evidence for the human-to-human transfer of the virus, which was a lie. WHO workers were among the first to succumb to the coronavirus from investigating the Wuhan wet market believed to be its source.

Chinese doctors claimed at that time that most of the transfer came from humans but were censored.

According to a study by the University of South Hampton, in March of 2020, revealing the truth about the deadly virus may have stopped 95% of the infections worldwide.

The Communists punished medical whistleblowers after silencing them.

Rather than assuming the Communists just wished to avoid public humiliation or panic, we must also consider the possibility that the Communists intended to create a local and worldwide pandemic that would benefit their goal of total global control. The Communists work with, among others, the Democrat Party in the United States. They want a Democrat elected president.

According to The Times of London:

A Chinese media outlet has revealed that Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December of 2019 but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news.

A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1.

China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until more than three weeks later, on or about January 24, 2019.

Censors have been rapidly deleting the report from the Chinese internet.The detailed revelations by Caixin Global, a respected independent publication, provide the clearest evidence yet of the scale of the cover-up in the crucial early weeks when the opportunity was lost to control the outbreak.

Possible Communist motives for spreading the virus:

001 Tank the American economy to harm Trump's re-election campaign.

002 For the same reason, accuse Trump of causing and/or mishandling of the crisis. Tedros, who "missed" the advent of the coronavirus altogether as far as human transmission goes, went on record for criticizing Trump for his handling of the crisis that he and the Chinese caused in the first place.

003 Give the Communist goons a free pass to arrest and detain dissidents under the guise that they were infected by the virus and had to be quarantined.

004 Give their Communist partners around the world, such as Iran's government, and now the Italian government, the same free pass to quash resistance to Communism in Iran and Italy, where we just happen to see the greatest sickness.

005 Give themselves a chance to appear like a better world leader.

Since the first infection in the United States, which happened the day after WHO tweeted there was no evidence that the coronavirus transmitted itself through human-to-human contact back in January, the Communist Chinese partners in America have fulfilled their role in two ways.

001 Prominent leaders of the Democrat Party, such as Bill de Blasio, and their mainstream and social media armies, have been critical of Trump's response to the coronavirus which has been judged to be stellar by most. Bill de Blasio acted to influence New Yorkers to spread the virus by as late as March 4, 2020.

Even the NYC Health Commissioner, Democrat Oxiris Barbot, aka "Death Squad Leader for Germ Warfare" on February 7, 2020, told New Yorkers to "go about their lives" and take the subway, sentencing many to an infection with the coronavirus.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as recently as March 3rd, 2020, said riding on the subway presented “no risk" for contracting the coronavirus, another absolute lie. It is interesting that the timing was almost exactly the same as de Blasio's suggestions to go out and join crowds.

But it comes as no surprise with the contention that the UK, formerly of the EU, is in co-hoots with American Democrat leaders and the Chinese Communist leadership as well.

As recently as March 10, 2020, Sadiq claimed there was no risk in other forms of public transportation, like buses, or going to events such as concerts.

Senator Rick Scott tweeted that the WHO gets millions of US taxpayers' dollars but helped the Chinese Communist Party cover up the coronavirus global pandemic. He called for a Congressional investigation into what the WHO knew and when.

002 Stalled the Congressional spending bill to help by staying out on recess in a health emergency and now insisting on drafting their bill which will waste more time, kill more people, and inevitably cost the taxpayers more money than they should have to pay. Is there any doubt the Democrats will be adding on funding for non-related programs that will benefit them and allow them to reward cronies and steal more money?

So we have the Communist Chinese, WHO, and the Democrat Party all exploiting the coronavirus crisis to defeat Trump in 2020.

It's time to take a stand and fight back.

WWIII and Civil War II has begun.

Scott Campbell

Clic for large map: Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Map





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