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Marx’s original last name was Mordecai. An Ashkenazi Jew, Karl Heinrich Marx was born as Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. His parents were Henriette Pressburg and Hirschel Mordechai from Trier, Kingdom of Prussia and the child who would become Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818.

Government agencies pressured Marx’s father to dispatch with Judaism and embrace Christianity when Karl was age six This is cited as one reason for Marx’s persistent effort to destroy everything related to, or erected upon, the Christian faith-- it had completely disrupted his life.

Another reason for the converting was because Jews were banned from the opportunities of higher society.

Satanism arose from the certain tenets of the Judaeo-Christian faith. The main tenet or belief from religion that concerns Marxism is the concept of Satan. Other than the story of an angel being cast from heaven, Satanism represents destruction for its own sake. Satan, they say, wanted to destroy humankind and everything about it. Marxism, they say, wants to destroy a given society and everything about it and replace it with a Communist State.

Marxism seeks to destroy its chosen adversary and recruits through an array of leaders and the minion proletariat to execute its plan. Satan and Marxists don’t care about the means, only the result, but they both like to set examples.

Satan represents the antithesis to God. Satan, as Lucifer, wanted to be his own God. Today’s Luciferians want to be their own personal God. Lucifer, the ultimate of God’s creations as the arch-angel of illumination or light was cast from Heaven to become Satan.

Lucifer rebelled against God seeking not only to displace Him but to surpass Him through a form of civil war in the heavens.

Marxists create the antithesis to their victims’ society, encouraging and funding rebellion against current authority not only to displace it but to surpass it for complete control through a violent civil war. The word “Satan” is the English transliteration of a Hebrew word for an adversary in the Bible.

Marxism represents the antithesis of Christianity. Satan is the bringer of chaos. Marxism brings chaos in the form of social challenge, disruption, and disorder. Satan is the eternal destroyer. Marxism is also eternal, first in working to overthrow a government, second, in that if indeed it is successful, then it must implement Fascist enforcement.

God is selflessness. Satan is selfishness. God is sharing and giving. Satan is hoarding and taking. God is honesty, Satan is deceit. God is working together. Satan is enslavement.

God sacrificed Christ to save Humankind. Communism sacrifices millions of innocent lives to make its leaders rich.


The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution occurred from September 5, 1793, to July 27, 1794. With the burgeoning of civil war and the specter of menacing armies engulfing France, the Revolutionary government on September 5, 1793, declared a state of Terror to exterminate the enemies of the Revolution-- primarily priests, nobles, and hoarders. A wave of executions followed in Paris including those by guillotine and spread to the provinces.

Jacques Hébert and his followers were to de-Christianize France through murder. Maximilien de Robespierre led the Committee of Public Safety which employed dictatorial control over the French government. Robespierre was under the influence of Adam Weishaupt.

Suspects’ rights to a public trial and legal assistance were greatly constrained or suspended altogether, and juries could only choose between acquittal or death-- not exactly the equality and fairness promised by Communist doctrine. Approximately 1,400 people lost their heads, including King Louis XVI. Due to the corpulence of his neck, it took two drops of the guillotine to sever King Louis XVI’s head which was immediately seized by a young guard and showed it to the people as he strolled triumphantly around the scaffold.

The crowd dipped pieces of cloth material into the king's blood that ran from the scaffold so they could keep them as souvenirs. Some allegedly sold locks of Louis XVI’s hair as souvenirs.

Communism had catalyzed the barbaric beheadings of 1,400 people guilty of simply being Catholic priests, or nobles, or hoarders without due process. Communism, arising from anti-Christian and anti-government Satanic principles, had reduced an entire French society to acts of heinous barbarism which stripped Humankind of its morality and lawfulness. A chaotic mess that failed to install a permanent Communist state, the French Revolution succumbed to the monarchy of Napoleon who began to rise in power during the revolution itself.

Some revolutionaries like Robospiere met the same fate as those they had condemned, death by guillotine. The guillotine would not be officially banned until 1981 and its last execution logged in 1977.

If we accept the preponderance of the evidence that the French Revolution was primarily driven by the Rothschilds through the Illuminati and the Freemasons, that it would be naive to think that the same group was not influential in selecting and exploiting the new leader of France. The Napoleonic Wars would follow and France would conquer most of continental Europe sucking up its wealth and demoralizing its people.

Beginning with Bonaparte's coup, the Freemasonry would thrive, prosper and multiply for 15 years, multiplying the number of lodges and members.

A similar scheme with similar success and invasion of multiple countries would occur approximately 100 years later with the Bolshevik Revolution orchestrated by cryptic-Jews with the same playbook of torture, murder, and take.

The French Revolution was not pretty-- in fact, it was embarrassing barbarism. A terrifying conglomerate of decadence, debauchery, and wickedness only begins to describe it. Sadism was rampant. The so-called skinless pope propped up in papal robes as a greeter is a good example.

The blood-thirsty beheadings, the many other forms of murders, the decadence, sadism, debauchery, and general chaos and wickedness of the French Revolution would have been enjoyed by any Satanist--Adam Weishaupt and Amschel Rothschild not excluded. The Bolshevik Revolution was even worse in terms of the number of people killed.


If anyone knows the Satanic potential of a Communist regime, it’s Romanian Priest Richard Wurmbrand. He is the author of several books on the subject including >Marx and Satan> which had its sixth edition published in 1986.

Judging by his writings, Karl Marx became a Satanist by the age of 18. After attending the Universities of Bonn and Berlin, Marx wrote that he wanted to avenge himself against God. His early writings mentioned the name Oulanem which was a ritualistic name for Satan and he would write a poem by the same name. Marx called the Christian religion one of the most immoral of religions.

Marx was an expert in Satanic dialectical materialism which was a system of psychological inversion and extreme contradiction to be applied to the minds of the victims of a Communist takeover. materialism is the heart and soul of Communism.

Satanists--and Communists-- strive to do the opposite of whatever Christianity teaches. Marx countered Proudhon’s book >The Philosophy of Misery> with his own >The Misery of Philosophy> and the phrase "the criticism of weapons" countered "the weapons of criticism."

Some of the best circumstantial evidence for Marx’s Satanism comes from his writings of letters, his diary, poems, and dramas. Marx is obsessed with thoughts and musings about the Devil. One of Marx’s most revealing drama, written at the age of 18, is Oulanem which is a Satanic spelling inversion of the name Emanuel. The main character, assumed to be Marx, makes a pact with the Devil. Marx’s diary suggests he was highly familiar with Satanic initiation rites.

More evidence shows up in a letter exchange between Marx and his father. His concerned father fears his son has been possessed by a demon from Marx’s statements. Marx would tell his children long horrifying bedtime stories that would go on for months about selling possessions to the devil, even their fears themselves.

In addition to Freidrich Engels, Marx befriended many writers and philosophers from his university days forward. Marx first attended the University at Bonn. Then, at the University of Berlin, Marx was among the Young Hegelians who were German intellectuals writing philosophy concerning the works of George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel after his death in 1831. The Young Hegelians drew on Hegel’s tenet that the purpose and promise of history was the total negation of everything conducive to restricting freedom and reason. They formed radical critiques of both religion and the Prussian political system. Marx never graduated. Marx would eventually work as a journalist for 10 years, 1852-1862, for the New York Tribune owned by Horace Greely. His English was at first poor, and Engels ghost-wrote for him. Marx lived off Engels charity for much of his life, but at times received enough money to be in the top 2% of income for England when writing for revolutionary newspapers. Rothschild money is suspect and there are claims that Marx was a Rothschild third cousin.

A friend of Karl Marx, socialist Proudhon, worshipped Satan and wore the hairstyle characteristic of Joanna Southcott’s sect, believed to dabble with both God and the Devil.

In his poems, it is clear that Marx is true to Satan and no longer to God.

Marx preaches that revolutionary terrorism is the most expeditious way to kill off an old society.

The American Revolution, for example, was fought for national independence, the French Revolution allegedly for democracy. Marx’s goal is a permanent revolution that is filled with terrorism and bloodshed for revolution’s sake. There is no purpose other than to usurp power through to violence.. Marx’s Communism is a prescription for murder and annihilation and is straight from any gangster’s playbook.


We defined Satan as the symbol of the destructive forces forming the antithesis to the Christian God. Communism uses Satanism to take not only souls in terms of complete demoralization and annihilation of personal identity but also wealth and the control of the labor force and government. With this definition, all Communists, relative to Christian nations, can be labeled Satanists. One doesn’t have to be sacrificing animals, babies, or virgins in Demonic rituals chanting Hail Satan and participating in orgies afterward to be a Satanist.

001 Marx’s Communist Manifesto specifically attacked Christianity as a big part of what needed to be destroyed to establish a Communist State. The goal was to destroy everything about Christian societies.

002 Marx received letters from his son with the salutation “Dear Devil.” Marx’s wife in letters referred to him as “Bishop” and “High Priest”--which is specific to Satanic cults. A letter from his father showed concern that Marx had been possessed by a demon. These letters suggest Marx was a Satanic cult member.

003 Although writing about Satanism doesn’t make one a Satanist, Marx demonstrated his extensive knowledge of Satanic rites and wrote a drama about making a pact with the Devil.

004 To add to Communist Manifestos, Marx was hired to update Adam Weishaupt’s work who was a prominent Illuminati, who were, in turn, occultists.

005 Marx wrote extensively that he sided with Satan over God, and had a personal vendetta against God.

006 Nesta Webster claimed that the cult of Satan flourished in Bavaria at the same time as lluminism which dominated Weishaupt’s work.

007 Marx’s economic theories were proven by history to be patently wrong, but his argument for violent terrorism and revolution resulted in up to 150 million deaths and untold suffering as part of regime change.

008 Marx had the motive to detest Christianity, it had forced his family, with a long history of rabbi members, to convert from Judaism to have a chance to succeed in society.

009 Marx was an expert in the Heart and Soul of Communism, the art of Dialectical Materialism, that also underlies Satanism as the antithesis of God.

010 Marx had close friends who were admitted Satanists, such as Proudhon and Bakunin, who were in frequent correspondence with him.

Marx’s prescription for never-ending violent revolution and destruction for the world alone meets our definition of Satanism which is bent on destroying Christianity. When we add in all of the circumstantial evidence from the documented writings concerning the Devil, and especially those of his family and close friends, it would be hard to argue that Marx was not an occult Satanist as well.

For more discussion on Communism, including the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci which are followed by today’s Democrats, see:

The Obamas' Rape and Murder of America.

Scott Campbell

The above is based on this book's "Blacklist" or Satan's Socialists and Communists: The Legacy of Karl Marx.

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