Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The following is an exclusive excerpt from WAR FROM WUHAN by Scott Campbell.

Lebron James:

001 Disrespected America by intentionally skipping away early from standing for the national anthem at a basketball game. This was a half-ass Kaepernick move. James was not man enough to show his anti-American sentiment by taking a knee.

002 When Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets coach tweeted support for the Hong Kong protestors against the Communist Chinese government, Lebron James attacked him saying he wasn’t educated about the subject and should not be tweeting such things.

003 Continually calls President Trump a racist and suggests that he is stupid.

Lebron James will become a billionaire from Nike pay-outs. At least one-third of Nike shoes are made in China under the Communist government, exploiting young female workers who migrated from the countryside. Nike has been accused of running Chinese sweatshops since the 70s. Some of the sweatshops are located near concentration camps.

In August of 2012 on his Facebook page, James shared that some kid in China made his Nike shoes as if child-slave labor is great if you’re becoming a billionaire from it.


James is politically supporting the world’s biggest Communist regime known for its Human Rights abuses that include sex torture. Nike and LeBron profit from the exploitation of low-wage female workers who toil under oppressive conditions to make Nike shoes and clothing.

LeBron is also using the classic Communist techniques of accusations of racism and ridicule against people who oppose Communism. He says President Trump is steeped in stupidity and Daryl Morey is “uneducated.”

Like Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James is governed and controlled by Communists in return for making himself rich.

By our definitions, one who displays Communist techniques and publicly supports Communists is a Communist.

Lebron James is a Communist.

Scott Campbell

January 2020

Communists will often refer to themselves as “socialists” or “progressives” but they are “Communists” based on the historical definition of Communism. Because Trump has to fight them daily,

Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics tells you the early history of Communism, including how it first arose from Satanism in the 18th century, and how the historical definition of Communism fits modern Communists quite well.

How each Communist earned their spot on the Blacklist is nothing less than an indictment for anti-Americanism and an attempt to destroy the very fabric of our society. Many Communists are committing treason.

Not to be taken lightly, Communism serves as a ruse to usurp power and wealth for totalitarian control. It is responsible for not only hundreds of millions of deaths but also hundreds millions of lives destroyed through torture and displacement. It robs both the rich and the poor to concentrate wealth for totalitarian dictators that seek to shape an entire nation in their favor.

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