Jussie Smollett: Famous Special Prosecutor Chosen, Dan Webb, Iran-Contra Affair

A high-profile former US attorney was appointed special prosecutor Friday morning to re-examine the Jussie Smollett case and why charges were abruptly dropped against him.

Dan Webb was picked to lead the second look at the notorious false report case — including whether new charges should be brought against the “Empire” actor — by Judge Michael Toomin during a hearing in a Chicago criminal court.

Dan Webb is now on Jussie's case

Dan Webb is in the history books as the U.S. trial lawyer who achieved successful prosecution of retired Admiral John Poindexter in the Iran-Contra affair. He serves as co-chairman for Winston & Strawn LLP is an international law firm with nearly 1,000 attorneys in 16 offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Founded in 1853, it is the oldest law firm in the city of Chicago and one of the largest law firms in the world.

Toomin ruled back in June the case was rife with “unprecedented irregularities” and needed a special prosecutor to restore the public’s faith in the justice system.

Webb, who was the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois in 1985, has spent the better half of his career as a private litigator at Winston & Strawn where he is now the co-executive chairman. Smollett’s case won’t be the first time Webb has been called in as a special prosecutor and it’ll be the second time he was appointed by Toomin.

In 2012, Toomin named Webb special prosecutor in a Chicago case against then-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew Richard Vanecko who was involved in 21-year-old David Koschman’s death. Webb found police and prosecutors failed to adequately investigate the case and Vanecko was ultimately sent to jail for the crime seven years after it happened.

Before that, Webb was appointed a special prosecutor in the 1990 Iran-Contra scandal where Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter, the National Security Advisor under President Ronald Reagan, was tried for conspiracy, lying to Congress and obstruction of Congress. In 1989, he was appointed a special prosecutor to investigate election fraud and corruption in Chicago.

No timeline was given concerning Webb's investigation.

According to CBS News, also on August 23rd, 2019, Webb has served as a special prosecutor a total of six times and stated that he plans on using a special grand jury to assist in the investigation. That grand jury could decide if new charges are warranted.

"Early on in the case, I will be setting up interviews with certain witnesses that I think are key witnesses that are important to the case," Webb added.

Due to Dan Webb's prosecution, General Poindexter was convicted on April 7, 1990, of five counts of lying to Congress and obstructing the Congressional committees investigating the Iran–Contra affair, which were investigating the Reagan Administration's covert arms sales to Iran and the diversion of proceeds to insurgents fighting to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The convictions were reversed in 1991 on appeal[8] on the grounds that several witnesses against him had been influenced by his testimony before Congress, even though Congress had given him immunity for that testimony.[9]

As a federal prosecutor, Webb oversaw the “Operation Greylord” investigations into judicial misconduct in Cook County. Last year, Webb declined to represent President Donald Trump, citing “business conflicts.”

August 24th 2019

“Special prosecutor who will re-investigate Jussie Smollett announced”

Scott Campbell

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