Jussie presented himself as just a psychologically compromised, self-centered, drugged-up, bungling fool, scamming, lying and greedy opportunist. He wanted national admiration, and money, as an LGBTQ and Democrat hero. He wanted to single-handedly defeat president Trump in 2020. He had dreams of being president one day and posted a photo of himself dressed almost exactly like a young Barack Obama.

Jussie’s twisted plot has much to teach us about America’s internal race relations- that they are very, very good. America is so bent on eliminating any victimhood of racial discrimination that it has encouraged racial hate crime hoaxes as an effective means of financial, political, and social plunder.

The chances of Jussie ever being assaulted by Trump supporters are near zero. Jussie had to invent attackers because there were none.

Jussie was reasonably successful before his attack. He sang and acted and had gained access to the White House through Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. He had money and some fame.

If a political in-group can just show but one case of well-publicized racial discrimination then it can shake down the guilt-prone establishment for money and political clout to make further social and governmental changes in its favor.

If Jussie’s attack had worked he would have been famous and presented a myriad of opportunities to exploit it for money and political clout. Our society would have rewarded him handsomely.

Apparently, in Jussie’s mind, instead of advancement based on working harder as an actor and singer, he sought the more glamorous and much more bountiful route of a staged hate crime. He may have been in cohoots with at least Cory Booker and Kamala Harris to plan the hoax to advance their political careers and pass their anti-lynching bill.

The lesson for society is to take a step back and look at itself and be proud of where it stands today on protecting the civil rights of all individuals and to move forward based on creating equal opportunities, freeing itself from the victimization strangle-hold.

Jussie’s hate crime hoax failed miserably.

Instead of a gay Tupac, or the next Oprah, or historical recognition as a gay Rodney King, Jussie became a gay and spoiled Benedict Arnold. Jussie became guilty of betraying what most of us, White, Black or whatever color, would like America to continue to be: without rampant racism and hate.

Jussie insulted millions of White male Trump supporters and tried to frame them for a hate crime that none of them committed. He slapped millions of Blacks working hard to protect their civil rights like any other in-group. Jussie also slapped millions of LGBTQ people fighting daily to be accepted without abuse. By trying to put White Trump supporters more at risk for physical, psychological, and economic harm, he instead put Blacks and LGBTQ people at risk because now any stories of attacks may not be believed as much as before.

Jussie Smollett exploited his racial and sexual identity and, despite his apparent connections to Democratic power elites, should pay a lot more for his dangerous crimes. People like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters make a fortune from their positions from Deep State corporations and are rewarded by their peers and the Deep State media for inciting hate and racism. She who hates the most and attacks the most gets the most money and attention. These phony leaders continuously trick their constituents to think they are working for them. They protected and defended Jussie while at the same time act behind the scenes to keep minorities oppressed and “victimized” to earn their votes, classic plantation politics.

During his interview, Jussie said that he still wanted to believe in justice and if he could not believe in justice, then he asked: “what’s it all for?”

Many, including the police, the Mayor of Chicago, and an entire Illinois attorney association explicitly stated that justice was not served. Jussie did not have to admit guilt to get his charges dropped. There was no due process for the dismissal of charges for sixteen felonies. Many might say they don’t believe in justice anymore after your case.

Since justice did not happen in Jussie’s case, Jussie should have to stop believing in justice, right? Then what’s it all for? Well, after the charges were dismissed, Jussie soon went to Hawaii to relax on the beach, eat Cheetos, and smoke something that looked like a big fat joint. Thank you for that. That was all to continue to be a good role model to help save the world? Then there is always music, Ecstasy, sex with multiple men, Molly, Cocaine, Cheetos, alcohol, faking signatures, and getting DUIs and endangering others. How about making some more money from singing about the oppressed and abused, who you don’t care about, and you put in more danger? Or how about tweeting and disrespecting the President of the United States and his White supporters to sell more songs?

Life is about family and love. Life is about survival. Life should be about community and treating others equally without racism and bigotry but it is often not because of people like you. If you look around the real world, many people are not as privileged as Jussie and have to live without justice every day. Jussie made it worse for them, too, by hoaxing.

Jussie, unwittingly, did some good for the nation and Trump and the Republicans. His court case not only revealed Democrat corruption, it brought national attention to it based on well-documented evidence. The national focus on Jussie’s court case also sheds light on the fact that George Soros bought and owned Kim Foxx. She created an alternative justice program that Kamala Harris helped her instigate and that benefited the Democratic Deep State agenda of anarchy in the streets and let their felons get off easy. Now people who allegedly assault police and others like Jedidiah Brown will fear punishment. Your case, through books like this one, gathered more attention on the Deep States push to create alternative justice favorable to Democrats across the nation.

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