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If you are an aspiring Muslim activist who wants to take down an America full of Christians and Jews, and Republicans, and powerful President Trump, it’s prudent to have a mentor who is named after the Prophet: “Hakim Muhammad.”

Oh, wait! Ilhan’s mentor changed his name to “Keith.”

Keith Maurice Ellison aka “Hakim Muhammad” was born on August 4, 1963, in Detroit.

It is not known if he was born a Muslim or converted later to the name “Hakim Muhammad” as his life as a child has been kept secret by Keith and his family. Keeping it secret probably means his name was “Muhammad.”

Secret child life? Is somebody is hiding something negative?

A March 2017 Mother Jones article:

Menachem attributes the various identities that his book club buddy and radio co-host adopted over the years—Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison, Keith Muhammad—to “him becoming conscious and him trying on different ways of being before he settled on who he is.”

The “X” in Keith “X” Ellison was probably an allusion to “Malcolm X” since Ellison suggested that American Blacks should have their own country supported by reparations. I am guessing it would be led by ambitious and power-hungry Keith, of course. See November 26, 2016, Daily Caller.

Keith is trying different names out for a radio-host popularity and pandering play to blacks and Muslims, and they all make sense if his real name is, indeed, Hakim Muhammad.


Louis Farrakhan, a notorious racist, from the Nation of Islam is credited for helping Keith Ellison's political career in the early 1990s. The Nation of Islam is a black supremacist antisemitic and pro-Iran group. Louis Farrakhan has called for a genocide against Whites by Blacks. Farrakhan, in 1984, stated that Hitler was a very great man and Judaism was a gutter religion.

Louis Farrakhan chose to take Ilhan Omar’s side after she suggested on Twitter that AIPAC paid Congress for supporting Israel.

Farrakhan told Omar that she need not meet the demands for an apology from Israeli and Jewish factions. He commended her for her political agitation.

President Trump called on Omar to at least resign from the House foreign affairs committee, if not congress itself.

Farrakhan repeated Ilhan’s claim that Israel and AIPAC pay off senators and congressmen to do their bidding. Therefore, he reasoned, Ilhan is telling the truth about them.

Farrakhan’s name is synonymous with anti-Semitism and Twitter banned him for it.

January 4th, 2008

The vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, wrote a tweet endorsing the violent left-wing group Antifa. As a group that beats people up if they disagree with the Democrat’s platform Antifa was founded by Soviet Communists in the early 1900s. The Democrats are dominated by Communists like Ellison and Ilhan.

Ellison advocated for black nationalism. Ellison wrote about the creation of ethnostate for Blacks only.

Opinion: that is about as racist as you can get.

Ellison cited the United States Constitution as the most compelling evidence for a White racist conspiracy to subjugate other races. In 1992, Ellison stated that Blacks don’t live in a democracy, so they don’t have to follow the law.

Opinion: These are chilling statements from someone racist with such animosity for Whites. Lo and behold, Ellison would become Attorney General for the state of Minnesota, much in the same vein that racist Eric Holder became US Attorney General for Obama. Nice to know that Minnesota had an attorney general who believed that Blacks don’t have to follow United States laws.

Louis Farrakhan supported and mentored Keith Ellison who supported and mentored Ilhan Omar. All three seem to want to separate from--or even get rid of altogether-- Whites and Jews.

* 2018 Feb. 8

An article came out about Keith Ellison’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan, both past and present. The subject had first come up when Ellison ran for Democratic National Committee chairman.

Ellison portrayed his ties to the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as limited to the early 1990s. But Ellison’s ties to Farrakhan continued for years after Ellison entered Congress in 2006. Ellison’s misleading Farrakhan answer came during a Minnesota attorney general debate against Republican candidate Doug Wardlow. Ellison admitted something very important in 2006: he worked with Farrakhan for a year and one-half before the Million Man March in 1995. Ellison wrote an op-ed defending Farrakhan in November 1995, one month after the march. Second, Ellison’s ties to Farrakhan continued for decades beyond the 1990s. Ellison attended three meetings where Farrakhan was present while he was serving in Congress. One of those meetings was a private hotel meeting in 2015 between Ellison, Farrakhan and Democratic Indiana Rep. Andre Carson. Two of the three attendees — Carson and Farrakhan — have admitted that the meeting took place, while Ellison has repeatedly denied that it did."

Farrakhan met with Obama and endorsed him for 2008--and they were photographed together-- in 2005.


Chris Gaubatz, AKA P. David Gaubatz, who along with Paul Sperry, is the co-author of >Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America> (February 2017). Gaubatz was a federal agent, a national security consultant, and vice-president of Understanding the Threat.

Gaubatz testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on June 28, 2016. His testimony is available online as a government document and is entitled: “Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts to Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts.”

WND interviewed Gaubatz who confirmed that Ellison was a regular speaker at Muslim Brotherhood conferences held by ISNA. Muslim Mafia is based on documents Gaubatz secured while working as an undercover intern for CAIR. He said Ellison would also participate in weekly strategy meetings at CAIR’s headquarters in D.C. Ellison has ties to the big three, MAS, ISLA, and CAIR, in the plot to Islamize America. We will look at Gaubatz’s testimony a bit later.

Keith Ellison associated with Erwin Marquit for ten years. Marquit was a Marxist University of Minnesota professor and 1974 Communist Party candidate to be governor of Minnesota. Marquit helped launch Ellison's national political career in 2006 using Marquit's political connections, his donations, his anti-war associations, and bundling up at least four fundraisers.

Keith Ellison fits the bill as a well-connected Islamo Communist activist and powerful political figure. Keith Ellison was the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and currently serves as Minnesota's Attorney General.


In a campaign speech for Ellison running for state attorney general, in November of 2018, Ilhan referred to him in a Facebook video of the speech as her “friend and mentor.”

Before becoming Minnesota’s Attorney General, Ellison served as the representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, a seat that is now occupied by Ilhan.

During the 2018 elections in Minnesota, both Ilhan and Ellison endorsed each other and participated in multiple joint campaign events.


Ilhan and Keith Ellison even shared Ilhan’s communications director and chief publicist, Jeremy Slevin. They employed Sleven at different times. Ellison had him first, as of 2019, Ilhan still employed him. Slevin is Jewish, and skilled in communications that reduce the risk of politicians being labeled “anti-Semitic” as Ilhan and Keith Ellison complain about Israel.

Slevin, from 2013 to 2018, between working for Ellison and Ilhan, was a journalist at MSNBC before working on poverty issues at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank. He worked for the DNC in 2008 and defended Obamacare in 2010-2012.

A think tank headed by former Clinton chief of staff “Cannibal” John Podesta, the Center for American Progress (CAP) co-launched Media Matters For America in 2004. CAP has bundled up the political power and criminality of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and George Soros. CAP is the darkest shadow in the Shadow Party, a network of Communist activist groups of Red Diaper Babies organized by George Soros himself. They grab money, prostitute themselves for votes, put out smear campaigns, and deceptive policy initiatives — to advance Democratic Party, i.e. Communist, agendas.

Shadow governments are governments in the background which carry out the big corporations’ and political think tanks’ plans. They are mostly non-elected career employees, and they number in the thousands in the United States. They are the minions for organizations like the Council of Foreign Affairs and lobbyists of the multinational corporations.

Slevin was a key player in the effort led by Ilhan and three other newcomer women House Democrats — Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — to frustrate Trump’s immigration policies by cutting funding to immigration enforcement agencies.

The Muslim Brotherhood, and especially Nihad Awad and Keith Ellison’ and CAP, through Jeremy Slevin, are Ilhan’s most likely puppeteers.

Ellison employed Slevin from 2012 to 2013, after Obama’s reelection.

On his Linkedin page, Sleven shared:

Communications Director, Office of Rep. Keith Ellison

November 2012 – July 2013 9 months

Wrote speeches, articles, and op-eds for national outlets. Managed digital presence, including Twitter, Facebook, Website. Served as on-the-record contact for the district and national media.

Deputy Communications Director, Office of Rep. Keith Ellison

2011 – November 2012 One year

Assisted Communications Director in management and execution of Communications Strategy. Developed and produced online content, including videos and graphics, viewed by over 400,000 people.

According to Ellison, Sleven was brought in to fix rookie Ilhan’s many tweeting errors in judgment.

Sleven abruptly ended her overtly anti-Semitic rants.

Judging from the sophisticated language and eloquence of the tweets and some of the speeches, and with English her second language, I doubt that she is writing most of them at all. I am betting that her tweets and speeches are heavily edited by Sleven or from him directly, and with instruction from the Democratic and Communist Deep State on how to attack Trump daily that is in line with other influential Democrats.

The fact that he wrote for Ilhan, Tlaib, and others jointly to reduce funding for immigration agencies supports this theory, and that instructions are coming from somebody higher up, likely a Muslim Brotherhood professional propaganda team-- and among the biggest and best is CAIR.

CAIR CEO Nihad Awad has met with Ilhan and Ellison and with Erdogan many times.

Internal documents between Jean Heyer, Ben Goldfarb, Carla Kjellberg, Shayna Berkowitz, Phyllis Wiener, and Ilhan show the campaign frantically trying to kill the story of Ilhan marrying her brother. They went as far as contacting reporters and influencers and asking them not to investigate or cover the story.

The documents also show that they were authoring Ilhan’s possible written response to the press which would include accusations of a smear campaign filled with misogyny, racism, anti-immigration rhetoric, and Islamophobia.

The proposed response included that their campaign won the primary by forming a multi-cultural relation between longtime Minnesota residents, college students, and East African immigrants.

In emails, the team debated and re-wrote multiple responses to try and get it right.

Carla Kjellberg, from the Kjellberg Law Office in St. Paul, said that she would not have Ilhan repeat any charges in any speech. Kjellberg recommended using only words like “rumors’ rather than “accusations” or “charges” to make them seem less important.

Kjellberg talks about emailing 75 core supporters about Ilhan’s crisis and response. These key supporters comprised a group of elected officials and other community leaders that her team was in communication with weekly. She said that they would suppress the accusations saying Ilhan married her brother.

Ilhan has a sophisticated legal and writing team that puts words in her mouth to say. They spoke about local news that Ilhan’s writers were to tweet about, giving Ilhan credit for the tweet.

It would come as no surprise that some of those 75 core supporters good at killing rumors, such as that Ilhan married her brother, would include Minnesota State Attorney Keith Ellison, CAIR, MAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has front offices in the form of Muslim student associations, on most major college campuses and that is undoubtedly the “students” part of the alliance between East African Immigrants and locals that helped to win her elections.

Judging from the evidence summarized elsewhere in this book and the well-organized army of attorneys, elected officials, and community leaders working to cover-up the story of her alleged marriage to her brother-- I would bet that she did indeed marry her brother. If there was no truth in the story that she married her brother, why go through all of this trouble with emergency and panicked meetings, and ask her supporters to kill the story and cover it up?

As a congresswoman, Ilhan took advantage of the Somali refugee voting block to replace her mentor Muslim Keith Ellison, as the Congressperson from Minnesota’s 5th district in 2016. Ilhan was groomed to replace Ellison.

Later, Ellison, who was also Chairman of the DNC, would win the state election to become Minnesota Attorney General.

Ellison and Ilhan campaigned together and attended events sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR together.

Undoubtedly, Ellison as Attorney General for Illinois will do everything he can to thwart any prosecution of Ilhan if she is indicted for fraud.


2016 December 26

An article from WND accuses Keith Ellison of being a Muslim Brotherhood Operative.

Ellison served as the first Muslim congressman and the first African American representative to hail from Minnesota. In 2016, Ellison would become the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee Chairman.

Despite a highly publicized physical abuse scandal involving his girlfriend, Keith Hakim Muhammed became Minnesota State Attorney on January 7, 2019. Ellison was a Muslim Brotherhood operative for many years before 2016.

Ellison spoke at the Islamic Society of North America (INA) but later claimed he had no affiliation with them.

Then why does he give speeches there?

The Muslim Society of America which was spawned from the Muslim Brotherhood is on the record in the UK as a national security threat. The Muslim Society of America paid $13,500 for Ellison’s pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca. Ellison has a history of weekly strategy meetings with CAIR, an Islamic national group linked to Hamas.

If Keith Ellison is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and groomed and mentored Ilhan to replace him as a Congress member, then Ilhan is also a Muslim Brotherhood operative.


President Trump suggested that Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Squad were Communists after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham also called the four minority congresswomen “Communists” and “anti-American.”

Ilhan’s gushing over the mere presence of one of the most famous Communists in the world gave Ilhan away as a Communist to highly renowned historian and university professor Paul Kengor.

Two-time Communist Party vice-presidential candidate, ex-Black Panther, and indicted murder co-conspirator, Angela Davis, had come to show her support for Ilhan at a rally.

Ilhan addressed Davis as her all-time idol, and Ilhan, who brags about never crying, cried as her voice broke with emotion when speaking about "enormously inspiring" Davis. That is gushing. Communists deify their leaders. Communists gush over Communist leaders.

Author of more than a dozen books, including the definitive book about card-carrying Communist Frank Davis and his long-time influence on Barack Obama, aptly describes Angela Davis as the "Matron of Marxism" in the USA.

Ex-Black Panther Angela Davis is by far America's best-recognized female Communist. She supported the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. She ran two times for the vice-president of the United State for the Communist Party.

American Angela Davis grabbed up the 1979 Lenin Peace Prize in the Soviet Union in front of a bust of Lenin. At the ceremony, Davis exchanged kisses with her Kremlin host and thanked her comrades, and spoke about "bearing the glorious name of Vladimir Lenin" in the very city where he led the great October Revolution which murdered millions to take their property.

Kengor reinforced his argument that it could be construed to affirm that Ilhan is a Communist by noting that Angela Davis, Ilhan's idol, was also praised by the same East German leadership that constructed the Berlin wall.


Kengor also pointed to Ilhan's rude treatment in a House hearing of Jewish American Elliot Abrams, who was the top person in the Reagan administration regarding anti-Communist policy in Latin America in the 1980s. Ilhan's actions unveiled her loyal support for Latin American Communists.

Ilhan's is affiliated with Witness for Peace which is a pro-Communist Cuba and pro-Communist Daniel Ortega group formed in response to President Ronald Reagan and his efforts to arm the Contras to constrain a Communist takeover.

Witness for Peace fits the historical Communist profile: Anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-U.S.military, and anti-Semite and anti-Israel. Their platform is a Hispanic mirror-image of the Democratic Socialists of America platform.

On February 22, 2019, Jerry McCormick in the Daily Caller pointed out that, back in November of 2017, Ilhan had intimated that she had saddled up with Witness for Peace to meet with Islamo-Communists in Honduras.

She tweeted that after going to Honduras as part of the Witness for Peace delegation, she returned home with a heavy heart and deep-felt concern for the electoral process and crisis in Human Rights that the people of Honduras currently suffer.

Ilhan also tweeted about Allah awakening the people to the Israeli "hypnotizing of the world," the same phrase first propagated by Witness for Peace. She continued her rants against Israel until President Trump won in 2018 and the House forced her to apologize with a resolution against anti-Semitism. Her Islamo-Communist Democratic campaign team brought in professional and Jewish relations specialist Jeremy Slevin to write and/or edit her main tweets and ended her direct attacks on Israel.

"Electoral process" is a synonym for "American Democracy." Ilhan puppets "deep concern" about American Democracy which, according to Communist philosophy, must be overthrown.

Ilhan promptly called for funding to stop for Honduras-- which means the funding is stopping a Communist takeover. Her position is shared by the radical Communist organization, Code Pink. Witness for Peace, which is Communist double-speak euphemism for Communist Proponent for Violence and War, has formally declared its policies including those against the U.S. military. As a Communist Cuba backer, given today's alliance between Communism and Islam, it would come as no surprise that Witness for Peace demands that Guantanamo Bay be returned to Cuba and its Islamic terrorist comrades freed.

Another tie or link between Witness for Peace and Islam is that its board of directors includes well-known anti-Semite and anti-Palestine activists.

Ilhan criticized U.S. policy in Socialist Venezuela led by Abrams, whom she had verbally abused in the House, and the Witness for Peace chapter in Columbia, Venezuela's neighbor, praised her. The same praise from the Venezuela chapter would have been too obvious.

Ilhan promulgates Witness for Peace propaganda, matching it word by word, for stopping ICE raids and defund them, support migrant caravans, and accusing America of white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, racism, ageism, sexism, colorism, and ableism. Witness for Peace praised Communist Cuba for its free healthcare and food, much like Ilhan calls for Medicare for all and law against shaming kids for not paying for food at school.

Phyllis Albritton joined the board as a "Gaza donor."

Jeanette Charles works for Witness for Peace and is pro-Black Lives Matter. She called Hugo Chavez "God-like" in the typical leader-as-deity practice of Communism. Although socialism in Venezuela caused food shortages and starvation, hyperinflation, rampant crime, and political opposition imprisonment, Charles called Venezuela's socialism their greatest hope against capitalism and war. Charles begins her writings with the salutation "Dear Comrades."

Board member Bette "Rainbow" Hoover founded "CASA de Maryland" which supports illegal immigrants and is tied to Communist Code Pink. Hoover "aided illegal aliens who were Communist guerrillas who fought in El Salvador's civil war." She earned a "terrorist" label from the Maryland State Police in 2009.

Board member Paul Magno works with a Palestinian activist who seeks nothing less than the eradication of Israel as under Jewish control.

*2019 February 21st

An article appears about Ilhan, her father, and the Red-Green Axis.

The Red-Green Axis connects the ideologies of Communism and Islamism. Ilhan’s ideology--and those of her father-- as judged by her many statements and his actions as a Communist teacher trainer--places them squarely on the Red-Green axis.

Ilhan’s extremism and loyalty to Communism can be traced to her upbringing in Somalia and Kenya.

As a “teacher trainer,” Omar’s father, in the Siad Barre government, trained teachers for the Islamo-Communist indoctrination--aka “brainwashing”-- of children.

One would think that he brainwashed Ilhan.

Somalian dictator Mohammed Siad Barre, funded initially by the Soviets, assimilated elements from Communism: Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Mussolini-- and Islamism. Ilhan’s father’s boss, Siad Barre seized control Somalia by a military coup in 1969 and informed the world that Socialism isn’t a religion but is built upon political principles sufficient to centrally manage production and government. Barre instigated a socialist regime that had totalitarian control and that committed genocide of an ethnic minority.

Somalia’s high-profile emergence on the Red-Green Axis, along with its proclivity for scientific socialism, spawned accusations that Somalia had morphed into a satellite of the USSR.

Somalia’s military and economic dependence on the USSR suggested an initial dependence on Marxism as well. Marxism was a time-tested philosophy to create a revolution, in this case, through a military coup that would expel a parliamentary democracy.

To eradicate Western-oriented parliamentary democracy in a country historically controlled by tribes, Siad Barre needed an army of teacher trainers--like Ilhan’s father-- to spew propaganda. Barre also terrified with secret police and developed a system to confiscate real property. In a typical Marxists strategy, Barre attacked all structures in Somali society that were steeped in tradition to replace them with Communist ones-- a task in which teacher trainers played an indispensable role.

When the Siad Barre Communist regime collapsed in 1991 from losing a civil war, Communis loyalist families like Ilhan’s fled for their lives. As defeated Communists and guilty of war crimes as part of a historic genocide, the Elmi family high-tailed it to Kenya to save their necks.

Ilhan, at age 14, began to get involved in politics in Minneapolis by interpreting for her grandfather.

Ilhan interpreted for her grandfather, also a Siad Barre Communist operative, at political gatherings. While in high school, her father pushed her to participate in student politics.

Ilhan was taken in by the Muslim Brotherhood Keith Ellison and became an Alynskian community organizer, just like Barack Obama, which means recruiting people to vote for democratic Communist candidates.

Ilhan has never been a criticizer of the Siad Barre Somali Communist regime or the genocide it committed with the help of her father.

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