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We are genetic beings who are pre-wired from evolution to believe in spiritual connection or gods. We primates--yes, primates--have genetic-based capabilities, tendencies, and drives.

Connecting to God is one of them. Let's not get into "My God is better than your God"--not yet, anyway.

We were simple hunters and gatherers for the vast majority of a few million years of evolution up to about 11,000 years ago when we started to concentrate into cities. Agriculture fed large stationary populations and then all hell broke loose. We could specialize, develop weapons and armies, and build a fortress. War became inevitable. Build a fortress and weaponize it or perish.

We have strong genetic drives for survival: eating, drinking, hoarding resources, and sleeping. We have strong sex drives and needs for love and families. We have aggressive and fight modes. We are good warriors and survivalists or we, and our genes that drive us, perish.

We have parts of our brain devoted to the mystical and sublime including concepts of gods. Whether there is a god or not religions will still work. Ideologies have a long history of helping to fulfill our needs for personal strength and peace, a family and later for a community or state.

Ideologies, with different ones originating from different parts of the world,as local adaptations for survival, and at different times, served many of our gene-driven needs and earned themselves a co-evolution of their own.

Our ideologies turned out to be a bigger force than any single one of us.

Significant patterns evolve in our minds and are mirrored into our cultures if they confer advantage for a gene-pool population's survival and/or propagation.

If repeated enough through our social media they an become parts of ideologies.

They say we are in the time of the greatest communication in the history of our beautiful little planet.

Leaders serve a role in promoting ideologies and establishing new ones. Leaders and ideologies help us survive, prosper, propagate and expand territory, or they are thrown out for something better according to Darwinian principles after they achieved Human destruction.

There is competition among ideologies just as there is competition between people and tribes and nations.

Ideologies tend to undermine or limit their competitors from being accepted and/or propagated. Ideologies constantly compete with each other, or sometimes cooperate with each other, to compete against others. Sometimes ideologies commit acts of meme war that become translated into a physical war as we have already seen with the Sunnis and Shi’a.

Constrained by their limited knowledge, ideologies tend to refute other belief systems in attempts to protect and maximize their own membership. Leaders and their followers in most ideologies believe their ideology offers the best story, meaning, and way of life; and actively recruiting more members, or taxing or eliminating non-members altogether, are top priorities.

Many ideologies with ancient derivations, struggling in a modern world, appear bigoted and narrow-minded. They must put on reality-blinders to shield themselves from the findings of science and the obvious and undeniable evidence of evolution. The genes don't care, they just want more genes, so a primitive, deluded ideology can suit them just fine.

Justin Barrett in Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (Cognitive Science of Religion) reasserts E.O. Wilson's historical point that our brains are wired for god concepts, and, in fact, use them for survival. Children tend to invent gods even if not indoctrinated. We owe much of our brain development to imagination to predict immediate futures and to assign agency to cause. In addition to areas of the brain wired for spiritual or mystical experience, we seem to have instinctive needs for belief in a god or supernatural beings. In the past, we've needed these beliefs for survival rather than truth.

In the past, ideological extremes hindered the advancement of modern science. For example, the irrational, stubborn belief that the sun revolved around the Earth, supported by religion, dominated Western thought for some 1400 years.

Worldviews arise from a variety of sources: the scientific method, experience through perception, beliefs, myths, and religious or political doctrine. Worldviews participate in a Darwinian struggle for existence because they compete for identical resources-- reiteration in our minds to affect behavior. Our ideologies and instincts and the behavior which arises from them influence the mating choices, by couples and extended families, that lead to the little mimicking ideologues that we call children.

In summary, by influencing our minds and behaviors, ideologies affect the sexual and natural selection and hence genetic reproduction and expansion. The ecological principle referred to as Gauss's law states that competition is maximal between species with identical needs.

We all employ similar, universal neural circuitry that includes wiring for thoughts and experiences regarding any strong belief system, including those of religion and spirituality.

That competition is maximal is obvious when it comes to the “species” of world ideologies.

Much like a variety of plants competing for a piece of real estate in the soil to call their own, ideologies compete for the fertile soils of our minds to grow and reproduce themselves through a form of human pollination.

In his book On Human Nature, E.O. Wilson eloquently stated decades ago that religions may confer a biological advantage. Organized religion generally involves a willing subordination of the individual in favor of the group. He noted three main religious mechanisms:

(1) Objectification: reduction of reality to images and definitions that are easily understood and irrefutable.

(2) Commitment through faith which is a kind of tribalism enacted through self-surrender.

(3) Myth: narratives that explain the tribe's favored position on Earth, often incorporating supernatural forces struggling for control, apocalypse, and millennium.

Originating as localized cultural adaptations, the world’s major religions and spiritual practices became generalized to encompass larger geographical areas, often through territorial expansion, governance, trade, and gene pool mixing. The best, which were the most successful for promoting both memes and genes, propagated themselves globally. Christianity and capitalism grew to dominate many westernized countries; Buddhism, much of Asia; Islam today's middle east and most of North Africa, nearly all of Indonesia, and Pakistan; Judaism Israel and parts of Russia and the United States, and Hinduism, India. Communism came to eventually dominate Russia and China.

Ideologies offer beliefs that are adaptive or motivational for a particular time in history. They can help organize a community or a nation. Some well-crafted motivational belief stems serve gene reproduction and territorial expansion but are silly and insulting to modernly educated people and often violate Universal Rights and most frequently those of women.

Most of Islam teaches that women should not go to school or work outside the home.

This system leads to the birth of more children- more genes- increasing biological and ideological membership by the numbers game. While such a system expands the ideology's genetic brain-base in terms of membership, it displays itself to modern scrutiny as plagued by corresponding violations of women’s basic rights. The members' gene pool and ideological base continue to grow, but women lose out on their dignity, education, and potential as Human beings. They are not allowed to make contributions other than childbearing and raising.

During our millions of years of evolution, nomadic women most often chose from the competing men by which they had children with, thus directly shaping human Nature through individual choice—pure Darwinian sexual selection. By these mating choices, and their wombs nourishment, women shaped humanity just as much as the men who sought after them, if not more. With larger, sedentary populations organized religions arose by predominantly male authorship, ideologies arose that would promote arranged marriages where the mating choices are made by the extended family rather than the couple alone. The gene-culture advantage: more children reaching adulthood. Many of women’s individual rights through modern history have been traditionally sacrificed for focus on childbearing and child-rearing.

Although our genes don’t care, to deny women choice in mating in modern times is a blatant and contemptuous violation of Human rights. What more important choice can there be for a given individual, than that which determines the nature and adaptive capacities of your children, who share your genes, and your life parenting interactions with them? What is more important than the right to reproduce yourself through choice? Although the gene pool pushes for children by any means possible, to deny women choice, is to deny them their Darwinian rights, the very heart of their humanity. Without the strong love and devotion to children we see from human mothers for extended terms compared to other primates, we humans may have very well remained “the third chimpanzee.”

Islamic religious beliefs are but one example of usurping women's rights of mate choice through rape or forced marriage.Islam uses delusion to establish strict codes for living that are carefully crafted to expand Islam to conquer its rivals. If you examine the oppression of Islamic women carefully you will see that it sacrifices a women’s rights for greater reproductive capacity for the population. The genes lack morality in their evolved quest for reproduction.

The very successful Islamification of Europe depended on entering those countries who would provide financial aid to immigrants or refugees. The political parties that worked to let them in were rewarded with money from the Muslim Brotherhood and votes from the new citizens, a form of plantation politics. The liberal parties secured financial aid, so they were voted in. Eventually, Islamic candidates will prevail by sheer numbers of voters and huge Muslim Brotherhood campaign donations. At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood works to have policies changed in favor of Islamists until eventually, we get a Belgium, waffles, chocolate and all, which is predicted to be the first formal Islamic State in Europe.

The EU opened its borders and Gaddafi in Libya was taken out by the American Democratic Deep State led by Obama, Kerry, and Clinton and American and EU oil companies to free up the path for millions of North African Islamists to swarm into Europe.

Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood prey uponHuman psychology to advance their member’s genes at the expense of non-Muslims, or the competing Muslim sects. Much more like Satanism and Communism than a religion, Islam presents itself as a twisted and delusional mental disease to justify the absolute control of its own members and the enslavement, taxation, or murder of competitors--all to benefit its gene pool.

What “religion,” or God, would encourage killing others and/or enslaving them? One representing Human genetic reproduction at all costs.

Scott Campbell

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