Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Chill A Commie for Mommy: A Blacklist.

I feel sorry for Greta, although she is a bit of a brat. The Communists will exploit her as long as they can to advance their agenda but will inflict untold psychological damage on the poor kid. When she realizes that she was used and abused by the same people who kill behind the scenes with impunity--and really don't care about the environment at all--she may just collapse. When she asks about why Communism is responsible for over 150 million deaths worldwide, and millions more lives destroyed in other ways, they probably tell her it was because they denied climate change.

The Communists don't care about the environment. Just look at Communist China's record.

The Green movement is all about gaining power and money, not about green little plants, healthy fish, and reducing flatulence in cows.

The Communists have historically concentrated on brainwashing the most brain washable of us all--the youth of society. German mega-publisher and global Communists Bertelsmann made themselves rich during World War II with "The Christmas Book for Hitler's Youth" series produced by Jewish slave labor. This is the same publisher who gave the Obamas and Biden $100 million worth of book deals.

Communist propaganda dominates our universities as a continuation of the Gramscian Communist "march through the institutions" and the Obama administration came up with Billy Ayer and "Common Core" to do the same at lower levels.

Little Greta is a puppet. Her puppet strings stretch from her ANTIFA parents and into the Communist Deep State which includes China, Iran, Germany, much of the rest of the EU, parts of the UK, and, of course, the Democrats in the United States.

ANTIFA was originally a Communist group of violent goons from Russia in the early 20th century. They were so intimidating, that when they came to Germany, many Germans decided to vote for Hitler instead of a Communist. Of course, ANTIFA is supported by Soros and the Democratic Socialists of America, which includes just about every Communist Democrat we encounter.

Luisa-Marie Neubauer serves as one of Greta's exploiters. She hails from the ONE Movement funded by George Soros. She is a self-proclaimed "climate politician." . Neubauer is often photographed next to Greta at public events.

Like an AOC or an Ilhan Omar, just younger, Greta is not original, not organic.

She is a Communist prop for the media circus. Her exploitation is reminiscent of the Islamic grooming gangs in the UK, mostly secret but extremely painful, disgusting, and criminal.

Read also "Green New Steal" in this blog about AOC. More about AOC is in Chill A Commie for Mommy: A Blacklist and the book pictured below.

Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by A... by Peter Schweizer for $14.99 via @amazon

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