Fixing the Deep State with AI, Digital Govt, Block Chain, Deep Learning and Civic Tech

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

White Hats are the good and honest people who respect the law and other people's rights. Right now, Republicans are wearing most of the White Hats. First coined for patriotic hackers, White Hats become people of any profession that want to see America do well. Black Hats are just the opposite. Spygate provides the perfect opportunity to rid our government of the Black Hats of the Democratic Deep State permanently. We need Trump's political clout to back up White Hats to get the job done.

Republican White Hats- who also wear Red MAGA Hats- must implement Digital Government that prevents the Democratic Black Hats from illegally using government personnel and entire departments as political weapons to do their bidding.

A proper digital government will mold the current cumbersome monstrosity that encourages rampant corruption and fleecing of the taxpayers money into a lean digitized machine. The White Hats themselves must then surrender much of day to day operations to automated systems that are more transparent, more honest, more open source, and more efficient than any Human-based system could ever be.

By saving us trillions of dollars and encouraging more appropriate allocation of funds, “The White Hat Dividend,” we can reform our slovenly beast of a governmental and pilfered "Piggy Bank" so aptly stated by President Trump into a fair and just distribution system of wealth and resources that supports America instead of Oligarch riches.

The White Hats, with the help of professional Digital Government consultants, can install platforms that simplify and streamline government rather than purposely make it confusing and complex and hard to monitor so it can be exploited.

Digital Government can make Deep State operations and waste stand out like a sore thumb.

Like screening for cancer with an MRI, we need to screen all government money flow for corruption and waste, and paths that lead directly to special interests. Identifying patterned activities of the Deep State and designing digital government to reign it in is of top priority. All forms of Black Hat corruption and money laundering must be exposed and quashed. Proper deep learning applications could keep pace with Black Hat new approaches. The twenty-year-old digital government of Estonia ranks third in the world for the least chance of successful bribes.

Many departments could be transparently monitored in real time. It’s challenging because of political roadblocks but it’s not rocket science either. If done right, we could reform all government in one or two election cycles- a veritable timely and planetary-scaled benevolent WHITE HAT REVOLUTION without bloodshed.

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