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The transnational Democratic Communist Deep State was mostly kept a secret under Obama until 2016 when it made numerous mistakes. It revealed a corrupt and fascist facade that began to ooze the criminality and treason of Spygate. The Democrats' mistakes came from trying to get their puppet Hillary into office.They attacked Trump and his Christian base and anything and everything American-- and continue to do so-- to derail the worldwide populist train.


This groundbreaking and unique book not only shows how Deep States work but is bold enough to suggest how to destroy them with a stunning slap in the face. We now have the appropriate weapons to install a formidable Digital Government like that of the country of Estonia which already contracts with NATO and our DOD. With Spygate revealing both sides of our Deep State in the biggest scandal in our political history, we have the perfect storm and window.The Mueller report gives us the evidence and justification to enter the digital war zone in government and win with a WHITE HAT REVOLUTION.On this wonderful planet teeming with life, we have more than a few problems to overcome. The biggest one is not pollution, nor income inequality, nor famine or war. There is one underlying single cause for all of our major problems and that is a global nest of Deep States that suck the wealth out of economies and impose their will, ideologies, and policies upon us. As Humans, we have parlayed our miraculous ascent into marvelous infrastructure and technological achievements but have also created vast killing and plundering machines. As we advance on our current trajectory the risk for more catastrophe advances with us. The Deep State influences much of what happens in boardrooms, in the judicial system, in Congress, and in many nations. It decides which technologies flourish and which are put on the shelves to protect entrenched financial interests. It influences many heads of state and it controlled Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Not the policy-makers, or the planners, or the brains of the operation, or even important decision-makers, they were essentially well-paid teleprompter-puppets for the Deep State.

It is the same Deep State that wants to destroy the fabric of traditional America, the last bastion of family, faith, and country- Christianity. It wants globalism or the new world order that makes the populace but tax and wage slaves and it’s using Islam to do it. It’s international but decentralized governance is mostly kept secret but sometimes arrogance or a mistake reveals an ugly and corrupt portion that was lurking in the shadows. It is the largest single institution in the world but is led by a relatively small number of ultra-rich Oligarchs. It is not run like a constitutional democracy or republic but more like an international mob syndicate that lies, cheats, steals, and murders and deals and traffics anything that makes huge profits, including Humans. America leads the way with the most powerful transnational Deep State and right now it is dominated by Obama’s Democrats in partnership with the EU and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Democrats that lead the attack to destroy Christianity.

On June 26, 2019, Fox News ran an editorial article entitled “Jay Sekulow: Obama Administrations Anti-Trump Actions Revealed In Newly Disclosed Documents.”

It took two years for the ACLJ Government Accountability Project, using the Freedom of Information Act, to uncover essential information “about the embedded resistance operating with our government.”

Uncountable and unelected bureaucrats in the Obama administration exploited greatly expanded access to information that was classified in the last two weeks leading up to Trump's inauguration. This permitted the shadow government to go on a two-week rampage of accessing classified information that put at risk “the reputation and integrity of our National Security” operations. This was nothing less than a blatant attempt to undermine President Trump because some of the information would be leaked or otherwise used against him.

Considering what we now know about the nature and degree of deep state opposition to President Trump ...all of these facts point to a coordinated effort across agencies during the Obama administration to oppose incoming trump administration.

In this particular instance, what concerns us when we heard that according to the New York Times in its final days the Obama administration had expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally accepted personal communications with the government’s sixteen other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protection.

What in Human nature led to this kind of leadership outcome when most of the populace would be against such beasts? This timely book answers that question and also what to do about it. Before we can purge, we must understand, and that means fully understanding ourselves. For the first time in history, we have a plausible way to transcend our own primal heritage to go digital. With a proper digital government we can free ourselves of the wealth sucking tentacles of the Deep State and solve our most pressing problems.

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Imagine a government where all data and transactions are digitized and continuously monitored by AI through big data analysis and deep learning. Elected officials, if they wanted to hold office at all, would sign legal and binding agreements to allow every campaign dollar they received to be run through a digital government clearinghouse. This clearinghouse would weave together the equivalent of millions of tireless, transparent--and 100% honest--digitized experts in accounting, anti-corruption, and law. Much like the Alphabet search engine, it would get smarter, and more experienced every day. It would establish and maintain lists of illegal and suspicious donors and would hold any questionable funds until any impropriety was established or not. The same type of monitoring would apply to expenditures as well. The money flow in and out of all campaign funds would be exposed to not only the internal digital watchdog but also to the public. A priority system of red flags seems appropriate, with perhaps the biggest amounts in questionable transactions heading the list. Thus an elected official on vacation starting to spend campaign funds would put up a red flag alert that might require a digitized signature on a statement from the official explaining the situation. Otherwise, funds could be frozen or reduced to minimal amounts. The official’s itinerary would have to be clearly stated and the purpose of each stop designated as official state business or not. With the exception of transactions whose exposure might threaten national security, the same form of public and open book monitoring could be applied to every government department whose data would be considered unclassified. For classified spending the system could still have efficient “internal affairs” monitoring with rigorous checks and balances to ensure honesty. The acts of classification themselves would be monitored to prevent unscrupulous deception--that janitor, who happens to be a prominent senator’s nephew and receiving $200,000 a year in salary, doesn’t deserve a “top-secret” clearance to access the data. Imagine the impact on our current “pay-to-play” system, which is still legal, but at least we would see immediately that Nancy Pelosi received over $1.5 million in campaign contributions from healthcare lobbyists, and not long after the Affordable Healthcare Act passed. Any proposed bill would fall under similar examination, after passing drafting standards for clarity and proper digital design, it could be analyzed for feasibility, popularity, and risk for corruption. Any foundation or any organization which received government funding would also be held to the same standard of scrutiny for funding would be no more. The digital government would have knowledge about which foundation had ties to candidates, if any. Government contractors, hundreds of thousands of them, would have to submit to the new digital accounting overlords or look elsewhere for income. Immigration departments and agencies, and the private organizations they contract with for relocation would be subject to the same. Then we could see which immigrant group is going where and how much it is costing us. In other words, we could track every dollar received and spent, reveal waste and corruption, the spending of funds that most Americans do not agree with, and turn our government into a mean and lean digital machine.

Such as system might cost hundreds of billions, or even a trillion or two, to implement but it would eventually pay for itself many times over and literally change the entire world. Developing AI law to its full capacity would be a priority. The cost of computing power continues to come down as our expertise and experience go up. In fact, such a “counsel of digital overlords” would not only save us trillions in the long run, but it would put an abrupt end to the dominance of DC by the Deep State-- the main goal and theme of this book.PURGE AND FIX includes examples of technology today as applied to these problems. The government of the small country of Estonia is nearly 100% digital. The beauty of deep learning is that sooner or later the software takes over and learns how to solve the problem on its own, whether it might be finding overspending and corruption or acting as a well-informed and unbiased judge. Deep learning won’t stop as long as data is coming in, it continues to learn. Combined with expert human coaching and “nudging” and testing, we could have self-monitoring digital accounting overlords “overnight.” Given the right conditions, today’s deep learning systems can become “experts” relatively quickly. There are positive side effects to this much needed medicine for our sick and incapacitated government, the proper digitization of law could completely reform our backed-up, all-too-often-corrupt, and our failed judicial systems which have become at best a laughing stock and at worse, a sham. THE DEEP STATE REARS ITS UGLY HEAD The transnational Democratic Deep State was mostly kept a secret under Obama until 2016 when it made numerous mistakes. It revealed a corrupt and fascist facade that included the criminality and treason of Spygate. The Democrats mistakes came from trying to get their puppet Hillary into office.They attacked Trump, his Christian base, and anything and everything American-- and continue to do so. It would come as no surprise that with the most successful economy and military, the Deep State anchored in the United States is the largest single institution in the world. A relatively small number of super-wealthy transnational Oligarchs preside over hundreds of thousands of operatives. The current Democratic Deep State influences most of the world to excessively consume and excessively produce, and to borrow to do it. The modern version began at the end of World War II but reached unprecedented wealth and power under Obama starting in 2008. It expanded its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood to conquer Libya and Northern Iraq for oil. and to further its entrenchment into Syria and the Golan Heights. It also further weaponized the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and IRS against its political adversaries in a way that has never been so blatant, obvious, and arrogant. It is not run like a constitutional democracy or republic but as an international mob syndicate that is fully capable of lying, cheating, stealing, drug and sex trafficking, murder, and war. In fact, lying and cover-ups and disinformation are a daily occurrence. The Deep State is not just the clandestine owner of a single shadow government but an exploiter of many shadow governments. The dominating result, in terms of planetary history and destiny, is essentially an immoral and international crime syndicate. This book argues that Humans have failed, and will continue to fail, as proper leaders of a planet. Our dilemma arises from the basics of leadership and followership that stem from our primal heritage that makes us all too often short-sighted, selfish, emotional, gullible, and irrational. You are about to find out more about our Human flaws, understand them and yourself better, and learn how to fight back in a peaceful but effective way against the controlling beast that is the Deep State and the minion beasts that perpetuate it. Without the Deep States of the world sucking out our wealth for its own agenda we would have plenty of money and resources and an open path to solving our global problems. We already have the technology and know-how, it is just being stifled and quashed by the Deep State. The American people have a decision to make. They can let the Deep State continue to control their lives. They can let the Deep State continue to steal their wealth and turn America into a country that at least half of America doesn’t want. They can let the Deep State destroy individualism, borders, Christianity, and American culture and nationalism, fulfilling its socialist and fascist goals, and turning more Americans into tax and wage slaves. Or the public can take advantage of the Democrats’ mistakes, which have totally exposed the Deep State, and rise up in peaceful revolution. Based on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Spygate is giving them, they can wage a digital war on D.C. to PURGE it. Once PURGED, with the swamp drained and dry, then they can start pouring a solid foundation to put in digital and legal safeguards to keep the Deep State’s grubby and greedy hands off of their money and future. Only a digitized government and legal system that properly applies AI can transcend our current dilemma. Before we, the people, can go to digital war, we must understand how the Deep State takes our money, power, freedom, and democracy away from us, and that means fully understanding our leaders and enemies. In understanding their history and credo, we understand ourselves.

Scott Campbell

Free ebook! Understand the world and how to fix it. Email me at and I will email you a free Kindle copy of my new eBook... and ask for a 3 sentence review, or longer, on Amazon. No obligation. No spamming.



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