Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics.

Elizabeth Warren publicly attacks Trump with a vengeance, calling him “racist” or a “misogynist” even if he just eats a cheeseburger or ties his shoes. Her talking points merely reflect a Communist Democrat regurgitation from the Deep State. She has no personality other than adopting the look of an exploited Leftist idiot by dancing down the street in an LGBTQ parade wearing a multi-colored scarf.

She tried to shakedown Silicon Valley as a White and female version of Jesse Jackson for being ultra-successful capitalists who built global monopolies that provide great value. Even Lefty Mark Zuckerberg, who wants to continue to import cheap and smart illegal labor for his company, finally said don’t try to break up him up or the government will have a legal battle the likes that they have never seen before. Zuckerberg versus Congress is a preordained mismatch. One Congressman embarrassed himself and the nation at a hearing--thinking he had caught them red-handed-- by asking how Zucky’s company made such big profits without charging for participating in the social media exchange.

It is called "advertising," numb nuts!

Elizabeth Warren was taken seriously at one time early in her campaign by David Axelrod who was instrumental in getting both Clinton and Obama elected. He said she could be a candidate for progressive “change,” a slogan so effective for Obama even though it was code for Socialist/Communist takeover.

Warren is a tiresome puppet and the string for "annoying shriek" works all to well.

Warren echoes her peers in making promises to help the poor which we all know will inevitably be broken, while she plans to boost the profits of the Communist elite. She has participated in political organizing panels that included avowed Communists George Soros and Van "We are going to take it all" Johnson. She was part of the Obama Gang Deep State which appointed her in 2010 to help establish a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was yet another plot to kill the middle class and let the very poor and the very rich live. This paved the way for the Deep State to make her a Senator in 2012.

Warren had spent 20 years as a law professor at that renowned but corrupt institution who sells Ivy League degrees to the rich and well-connected and helped make Obama an Islamo-Communist Deep State president, Harvard. The CIA and Harvard are partners in international crime. Warren fraudulently claimed she was “a woman of color” from 1/64th Cherokee heritage to earn entry into colleges or jobs. She even plagiarized three American Native recipes for a cookbook in 1984.

The history of Warren’s Indian ancestry is not pretty. It turns out her ancestors forcibly attacked and captured other Native Americans for money. Warren's ancestors scalped other Native Americans just like she wants to scalp the American economy.

Warren has taken advantage of the fact that Communism has reached such critical mass in the United States such that it controls a majority of the mainstream media. This kind of control allows it to originate and perpetuate “fake news” to achieve its agenda. The classic example is the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. The evidence, including eyewitnesses and forensics, shows that Michael Brown had attacked the police officer and was rushing the police officer again when he was shot. Yet Elizabeth Warren and Black activists insist that he was innocent and had his hands up when he was shot. They use this lie supported by the mainstream media to discredit the police force as racist. Warren exploited this lie to attack the Republicans and Trump.

The essence of Marxism was that conflict is good and leads forward for its evolution. But the Marxists take it to far, destroying much more than they could ever create. Dialectical materialism is the “Living soul of Marxism” In which its practitioners identify incumbent beliefs and practices of a society, then attack and contradict them, often within inversion, and eliminate the middle of the road positions. Communists believe that conflict leads forward. Communism continuously incites conflict to achieve its goals.

Warren, like her Democrat peers, continuously makes false accusations to create conflict in an attempt to destroy America.

Elizabeth Warren makes a walnut sitting on a dusty counter-top look exciting.

Elizabeth Warren, the 1/64th part Cherokee whose ancestors killed other Indians for money, is a Communist who has achieved what most elite Communists achieve-- she has attacked capitalism as she became rich from it and should be chilled ASAP.

Brietbart Jan 21` 2020

"Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) son-in-law, with whom she is close, has troubling ties to the Iranian regime, according to a new book by Peter Schweizer.

The book, Profiles in Corruption, reveals progressive leaders’ little-known ties to corrupt businesses and governments and discusses the Massachusetts senator in a chapter."

Scott Campbell

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