Democrats, the KKK, Obama's Plantation Politics and Jussie Smollett: What They All Have in Common

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Lynching is not limited to a noose and hanging. The vast majority of lynchings have been of blacks by Southern Democrat whites in the post-Civil War period. Many Republican whites suffered lynching for helping blacks or holding political positions against lynching. The Ku Klux Klan which had Southern Democrats as most of its leaders and members used lynchings to terrorize both white and blacks Americans so as they would not vote Republican. From 1830 to 1850 most of the lynchings were of white Republicans.

A few hundred key white European Republican Americans led by Abraham Lincoln had, through the Emancipation Proclamation and after winning the American Civil War, had effectively signaled the end of slavery which had been a 3,000-year worldwide institution. The Civil War ended and Republicans granted civil rights for blacks, including the right to vote and hold office. The South cut a deal with the North to keep their armies out of the South to allow them to gradually remove those rights in return for giving up a presidency to the North in a backroom deal.

Chicago police reports and body camera video show that Smollett was wearing a rope around his neck when the police arrived at his apartment. He stated that the assailants put the rope there. A noose symbolizes that embarrassing epitome of criminal enforcement of white supremacy through racial terrorism- a lynching.

Lynchings of blacks, Chinese, Mexicans, American Indians and whites are one of the darkest remnants of our history as a nation. Even though we could argue that most post-Civil War lynchings were actually performed by the white Southern Democrats, nothing would have, in modern times, incited a race riot or war more than the lynching of a black man by two white male Republican Trump supporters in a city where 87% of the people had voted against Trump.

The first black, or at least biracial black President did not want a black legacy for black Civil Rights and black economic advancement- he did not want to be labeled "black" at all. He wanted an LGBTQ and an Obamacare legacy. Some have accused Obama of promoting "plantation politics," a term he used in his book, Dreams From My Father. Plantation politics is a system named after Southern plantations and is a political system that intentionally keeps a minority group oppressed as victims and dependent on the government in return for votes. Some black voters complained in 2012 that Obama had favored gays, transexuals, Muslims and illegal aliens over blacks to broaden the scope of the Democratic base. After all, the Hispanic population would eventually be a bigger voting block than that of the black population, and, much further out, even the white population.

The post Civil War Ku Klux Klan were white Southern Democrats who used lynchings to oppress newly freed black slaves and white Republicans who supported the slaves' civil rights. To call the Chicago Fraternity of Police, which includes approximately 20% black members, a similar name to the Ku Klux Klan is to liken those who are sworn in to protect and serve in Chicago to a lynch-happy mob.

I'm hearing complaints again about black teens shooting black teens. According to Obama's Plantation politics practice, the Democrats want black teens shooting black teens for three reasons.

One: As communists, they want to contribute towards a state of anarchy and terrorism.

Two: They want to continue to oppress black Communities to make them think they need the Democrats to survive.

Three: They want to justify funding for more police to create a police state.

As long as the voters in black Communities continue to be duped by the Communist Democrats as they have been for 80 years, the shootings of blacks by blacks will continue. Numerous studies show that massive immigration into a black community lowers wages and living standards for blacks yet blacks vote for the Democrats who favor mass immigration.

Jussie Smollet: LIES. Discover the complete scandal that gripped the nation and won't let go. Full time line. Added history and depth. Covers the Democratic Communist Deep State's involvement and legal analysis. Ebook only $6.99.



John T.

5.0 out of 5 starsBrilliant! Shows how shadow organizations and governments work against Christians- and what to do.

August 17, 2019

"The author is convincing that the mistreatment and persecution of Christians around the world is part of an effort between organizations that work in many different countries at the same time. The main example is the Muslim Brotherhood that works along with communist organizations to push their ideas and policies on others in schools and churches and everywhere they can. They try to deny Christianity everywhere saying you must have a separation between church and state but then figure out ways to put Islam into the curriculum. the author shows that this is part of a democratic transnational Deep State. these people want to destroy Christianity because it represents a strong family. They want to destroy the strong family so and Islamic or communist state can take over. The book shows how the Deep States operate and explains them very well. The author makes it clear that people alone are not capable of running governments because of their nature. They become dishonest or corrupt. The solution is a hybrid between people and artificial intelligence, like that used by some big corporations and by the country of Estonia. In this way, corruption could be stopped and we could get a handle on the misuse of money by the government.

I have never read a book like this that ties together so many subjects so well. I feel like I understand the world much better now and especially how governments operate in the shadows. Now when I watch the Daily News, I can see why people are saying what they're saying. They in the news media are often lying. Politics seems like a competition to get its office to see who can steal the money. The author points out that the technology is already here to instigate a digital government but it's a matter of resistance from the people in control. He cites the example of the country of Estonia when 99% of the government is computerized and the country runs very smoothly with a very small rate of corruption."

Deep State War on Trump’s Christian America

Includes how to stop corruption and violence using Digital Govt.

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