Communist Manipulator David Axelrod: How to Package and Market a Presidential Candidate

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Presidential elections boil down to money, media, and behavioral psychology--who can manipulate the most people into voting for the candidates wanted by the major powers. The truth dims in relevance.

Deep State campaign teams "hire" candidates through promised payouts and they hire the best political behavioral psychologists they can buy.

David Axelrod is the best political behavioral psychologist of modern times having put deceitful frauds and criminals Bill Clinton and Barack Obama into office.

What matters most is not what happens but what people think happened.

"Deceive to make them believe" is an apt description of the strategy.

Elizabeth Warren had a mediocre performance in her second primary debate, but Axelrod, on CNN, said she was a stellar genius for “Change” which is the code word for progressive Communism. Placed into the debates by the Deep State, Axelrod's presence set her up with questions to try to make her look good. After the debates, since most people did not watch the debates and relied on commentary, her ratings rose. Warren was nothing but mediocre but Axelrod's praise increased her ratings.

Come November 2020, you can bet Deep State puppet Warren will be one of the top four Democratic candidates. If Axelrod promotes her, she is Deep State owned, because Axelrod worked with the Obamas extensively in Chicago before and after his Presidential election. Obama is deeply embedded in the Deep State.

Soviet loyalists and Communists Don Rose and David Canter had mentored David Axelrod who would become one of the key Communist operatives in Chicago.

Axelrod is already working hard on the 2020 elections and has become a NBC News and MSNBC as a senior political analyst to spread Communist propaganda in favor of the Democrat Party. The fact that NBC and MSNBC hired him means they are Deep State media.

Young David Axelrod blossomed his Communist red flowers under the wings of Communist David Canter and Communist Don Rose. They wrote a reference letter for Axelrod for the Chicago Tribune--which had employed Karl Marx for 10 years-- and that launched Axelrod's career. Axelrod, as a young journalist, welcomed their tutoring and mentoring on Communism and its techniques and theories of propaganda.

David Canter edited the Packinghouse Workers Union "Champion" newspaper in the 1950s. Communist Party USA members such as Abe Feinglass, who was linked to future Chicago Congressman Charles Hayes, managed the Union. David Canter had befriended LeRoy Wolins, a well-known Chicago Communist Party USA member and formed Translation World Publishers focused on translating Communist material from the Soviets and earned its investigation by the US government.

For the Jewish Zionist- Soviet Communist Chicago Cabal that includes two multi-billionaire families and the Mob, that was backing Clinton and Obama for president, David Axelrod was a brilliant pick for the job of packaging and marketing candidates to the public. (read my"Obama's Red Onslaught)

On February 10, 2020, Breitbart ran an article about how Axelrod thinks Hollywood went to far in their presentation of Oscars in offending the conservative"Middle America" so key to President Trump's election.

What was too obvious at the Oscars was the Obamas' production company winning and having the director give a speech that quoted Karl Marx. That same director worked on a movie called "Seeing Red" that was about Communism in America.

The elections in 2020 boil down to two choices: Communism or Compassionate Capitalism and Freedom.

Scott Campbell

Axelrod is included in three of my books. "Traitor's Legacy," "Chill a Commie for Mommy" and "Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics" include a lengthy blacklist of Communists, including David Axelrod and Barack and Michelle Obama. "Obama's Red Onslaught" reveals the entire Deep State that put Obama into the White House, including Axelrod, and the multiple ways they hurt America.

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