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From Obama: Traitor's Legacy:

On September 7, 2008, Charles Schumer spoke at the Temple Beth Shalom in Boca Raton Florida. It was recorded and is still available on YouTube. See below.

Schumer campaigned for Obama, addressing a small Jewish audience, and says that Obama has been a long-time supporter of Israel. Then comes the bombshell. Schumer emphasizes that the two most prominent families in Chicago got Obama initiated into politics.

By wealth and influence, in Lester Crown and his family, Obama had gained the support of one of the top two Jewish families in Chicago. The record suggests that he already enjoyed the support of the other top Jewish family, the Pritzkers.

The Pritzkers originally came to America as a Jewish family from Kiev, Ukraine.

Near the top of Forbes magazine's "America's Richest Families" list, since the magazine began listings in 1982, the Pritzker family is one of the wealthiest families in America. Through the founding and expansion of the Hyatt hotel corporation, its fortune arose in the 20th century, now controlling over 160 companies.

Penny Pritzker's younger brother, JB Pritzker, is the governor of Illinois and his the richest governor ever to serve.

Penny Pritzker’s grandfather, Abe Pritzker (1896-1986) served as a tax attorney for "The Outfit," aka the Chicago Mob, beginning under Al Capone and continuing through the 1980s.

Abe Pritzker worked as an attorney in Chicago in his firm that was called Stanford Clinton. He acted as a Trustee of the Teamsters Pension Fund--essentially the Mob’s bank-- which gave Hyatt hotels low interest loans. Pritzker worked with Sid Korshak to constrain labor union ambitions. His company was forced to pay $460 million for committing fraud in relation to a bank and more millions for tax evasion. Abe Pritzker’ financial empire flourished as the largest depositor in Castle Bank in the Bahamas which was specifically formed for evading taxes.

At a time when the Mob was legitimizing, Penny's father, Jay Pritzker used more Mob money to expand Hyatt Hotels and build the Marmon group.

The Crown family was allegedly one of the main families in the Chicago Outfit as well.

“MoneyPenny’s” relationship with the Obamas dates all the way back to the 1990s when teaching law--how to skirt it-- at the University of Chicago. In 1994, Obama would run for state Senator and released his first book that he really did not write, >Dreams From My Father> in 1995. MoneyPenny was an early supporter of Obama's political career, helping to finance his 2004 Senate campaign.

According to the mainstream narrative, Mrs. Pritzker met Obama at a Chicago YMCA where her son played on a basketball team that involved Obama's brother-in-law, Craig Robinson. The Obamas allegedly were considered frequent invitees at Pritzker's Lake Michigan vacation home. Another possibility is that the Jewish and Zionist Cabal first arranged a meeting for Obama and Pritzker. This makes more sense than it happening by chance. It was just by his lucky stars that Obama hooked up with a second billionaire family to put him into the White House?

The vacation home was most likely used by Pritzker, and others, to groom Obama the Communist for public office, beginning with Illinois state Senator, and then Washington DC Senator, and then President.

As Obama's leading money bundler, Pritzker personally raised $200,000 for Obama’s White House bid. As the Obama campaign’s national finance chair, Pritzker took advantage of her insider connections to shakedown a bevy of business leaders, bankers, and other political fundraisers.

Pritzker supervised the raising of more than $750 million for Obama’s campaign, plus another $53 million for the president’s 2009 inauguration. Obama’s decision to finance both his primary and general election with private donations, many arranged online, boosted his campaign funds to a record level. Based on the Obama gang's history of corruption, I would bet that many donations online were illegal and were routed from other countries.

We would still be waiting for the first Black president if it had not been for MoneyPenny. Obama might not have even made it to the Senate. The Pritzkers, the Crowns, and other big Deep State donors owned Barack Obama and his lovely wife lock, stock, and barrel.

In case you were worried about it, the Pritzker family got paid off for their efforts, in 2011, for one of their failed banks from 2001, the FDIC forgave $144 million in debt. Over 1,400 customers never recovered the $10 million they lost.

MoneyPenny Pritzker measured up as #82 in Forbes magazine list of the 100 most powerful women in the world in 2009. I would think that she would be ranked higher after putting Obama into office. In 2012, Pritzker earned the 255th wealthiest person spot in the U.S on the Forbes 400 list. Now she enjoys a personal net worth estimated of $2.7 billion. On March 26, 2014, Pritzker Was honored by Elle in its annual “Women in Washington Power List.”

Penny Pritzker runs the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation which donated $400,000 to Media Matters For America from 2007-09.

Media Matters is also funded by George Soros and has embarrassingly close ties to the Obama administration. It shapes and edits the content of mainstream media. Media Matters allegedly collaborated with Attorney General Eric Holder’s office to either suppress or discredit news stories about scandals which exposed the Justice Department as a corrupt arm of the Deep State.When the Deep State controls the news about the Deep State, you live under a totalitarian fascist regime.

Media Matters often smears conservatives as racists and liars and had regular contact and strategy sessions with political operatives inside the Obama White House.

Penny Pritzker became Secretary of Commerce under Obama. MoneyPenny Pritzker as secretary of Commerce worked to promote the private sector in Communist Cuba, working with the US Chamber of Commerce.

On May 19th, 2013, a news article came out about Penny Pritzker as an example of the criminality of our elites.

MoneyPenny gets her wish. President Obama unilaterally establishes diplomatic relations around February 2016 with Cuba and a marked increase occurs in the number of Communist Cubans travel to the U.S. For the Communist-Democratic Deep State, the more Communists there are in the United States, the better.

Opening up Cuba for business may help the Pritziker hotel chains.

Scott Campbell

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