Based on the new book: TRUMP'S CHINESE CORONAVIRUS WAR AND OTHER EPIC BATTLES AND HEROICS: Corrupt and Satanic Radical Socialists, Islamists, and Communists Wage War on Christianity and the Free World $3.99

For Ayanna Pressley, it was not about what's good for the country, it was about exploiting identity politics and a Communist agenda for Democrat power and money. Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley looks into a mirror and sees a Boston groomed CCP Maoist. Pressley’s success in winning an election can be traced to John Kerry and their long-time connection with the Boston chapter of the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA-Boston). It is common knowledge in the world for everybody except the American public that the CPA is aligned with the Communist Party of China (CCP). The CPA-Boston endorsed and campaigned for Pressley. The CCP and John Kerry have slept together in the same pro-Communist, anti-American bed for decades. See the section on John Kerry in this book. A huge player in Boston politics, CPA-Boston is a deceptive and conniving hybrid between a social services agency and Communist propagandist/activist political organization. CPA-Boston has a huge budget, a well-paid staff, and hundreds of volunteers. There is no major election in Boston that doesn't fall within their influence. If you speak out against them or their candidates, you will find yourself surrounded by your not-so-friendly neighborhood Triad members. The Chinese Triad makes Antifa look like spoiled little brats who think they are tough but must have 15 to 1 odds before they attack. Similar to its San Francisco counterpart, CPA-Boston arose from the Maoist movement that swept Chinese-American youth and student groups in the latter part of the 1960s and the early part of the 1970s. This coincided, to no surprise, with the Democrat Saul Alinsky Communist and Civil Rights movement. CPA-Boston founders hailed from I Wor Kuen (IWK), a pro-Communist Chinese regime group centered in the Chinatowns of New York and San Francisco. They even eat “Chinese food” but you better not call it that. IWK combined with the League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS) in 1978 which is a multi-racial Marxist-Leninist organization--the kind that parents just love to see their daughter come home with a member at Thanksgiving. The League of Revolutionary Struggle has built-up centers in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Mexico, Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Hawaii. It is at least 3,000 strong. It is reminiscent of the organization and agenda of CAIR--destroy America and take it over. Jesse Jackson ran for president of the United States in 1984 and was backed by the Rainbow PU$H Coalition. A Communist front, Rainbow PU$H did not hide much. Their staff included Maoist Chinese Communist and Soviet agents. John Kerry ran for president in 2004 and had the backing of the CCP as did Obama for his famous DNC speech that launched his presidential bid for 2008. Kerry/Obama/CCP: remember that connection. The Communist Chinese government even deployed the CPA-Boston headquarters as a form of unofficial consulate. They service the Chinese to renew their passports so they don’t have to make a trip to New York. CPA-Boston continuously displays loyalty to the Chinese Communist regime that is no different from its Maoist commitment during the 70s. That is because CPA is the CCP. Pressley admitted to having partnered with the CPA throughout her time on the Boston City Council working on their agenda for them for Chinese residents. Pressley, like Kerry, sold out to the Communist Chinese for their political and financial support. Kerry seems tickled "pink" that the coronavirus stimulus bill passed--that cannot be good for America. He called the Republican who opposed it an "asshole." How mature. I would not be surprised if John Kerry was key to the coordination between the CCP and the DSA and other Democrats for advancing the coronavirus pandemic to discredit Trump and try and derail the Trump Train of 2020. Search for "Kerry" in my other blogs to see his history with the Communist Chinese.

Possible Communist motives for spreading the virus:

001 Tank the American economy to harm Trump's re-election campaign.

002 For the same reason, accuse Trump of causing and/or mishandling of the crisis. Tedros, who "missed" the advent of the coronavirus altogether as far as human transmission goes, went on record for criticizing Trump for his handling of the crisis that he and the Chinese caused in the first place.

003 Give the Communist goons a free pass to arrest and detain dissidents under the guise that they were infected by the virus and had to be quarantined.

004 Give their Communist partners around the world, such as Iran's government, and now the Italian government, the same free pass to quash resistance to Communism in Iran and Italy, where we just happen to see the greatest sickness.

005 Give themselves a chance to appear like a better world leader.

Since the first infection in the United States, which happened the day after WHO tweeted there was no evidence that the coronavirus transmitted itself through human-to-human contact back in January, the Communist Chinese partners in America have fulfilled their role in two ways.

001 Prominent leaders of the Democrat Party, such as Bill de Blasio, and their mainstream and social media armies, have been critical of Trump's response to the coronavirus which has been judged to be stellar by most. Bill de Blasio acted to influence New Yorkers to spread the virus by as late as March 4, 2020.

Even the NYC Health Commissioner, Democrat Oxiris Barbot, aka "Death Squad Leader for Germ Warfare" on February 7, 2020, told New Yorkers to "go about their lives" and take the subway, sentencing many to an infection with the coronavirus.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as recently as March 3rd, 2020, said riding on the subway presented “no risk" for contracting the coronavirus, another absolute lie. It is interesting that the timing was almost exactly the same as de Blasio's suggestions to go out and join crowds.

But it comes as no surprise with the contention that the UK, formerly of the EU, is in co-hoots with American Democrat leaders and the Chinese Communist leadership as well.

As recently as March 10, 2020, Sadiq claimed there was no risk in other forms of public transportation, like buses, or going to events such as concerts.

Senator Rick Scott tweeted that the WHO gets millions of US taxpayers' dollars but helped the Chinese Communist Party cover up the coronavirus global pandemic. He called for a Congressional investigation into what the WHO knew and when.

002 Stalled the Congressional spending bill to help by staying out on recess in a health emergency and now insisting on drafting their bill which will waste more time, kill more people, and inevitably cost the taxpayers more money than they should have to pay. Is there any doubt the Democrats will be adding on funding for non-related programs that will benefit them and allow them to reward cronies and steal more money?

So we have the Communist Chinese, WHO, and the Democrat Party all exploiting the coronavirus crisis to defeat Trump in 2020.

It's time to take a stand and fight back.

WWIII and Civil War II has begun.

Scott Campbell

Clic for large map: Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Map





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