Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Buttigieg is nothing more than a puppet and political hack and would not get any Democratic support if he was not married to a man and came from a Communist powerhouse family. Democrats promote Buttigieg as a homosexual as an attack on American family values bound by Christian history.

Pete Buttigieg set his outreach campaign in motion to Hispanics with a Communist slogan.

Buttigieg tweeted, in Spanish, and which was translated as “United people will never be defeated.”

Back in the 70s, pro-Castro socialists created the slogan which has been common in socialist and Communist movements and which has lasted even to current times.

AOC and Ilhan Omar have also reached out to Communist-leaning Hispanics, with Omar plotting with them to bring in more illegals.

Tongue-talented Pete Buttigieg is but another Communist Soviet-loyalist puppet spewing false accusations of racism for the transnational Democratic Communist Party.

Ignore him... he’s offering nothing new. His Daddy was a big shot Marxist professor.

Buttigieg is also a hypocrite and takes money from billionaire donors. While he speaks of "inclusion politics": Buttigieg for taking a lucrative job for McKinsey & Company, a billion-dollar consulting firm, between 2007 and 2010. In his role as a consultant for McKinsey, Buttigieg worked on behalf of insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, the U.S. Defense Department, and Best Buy.

Previously, Buttigieg has said he does not consider his taking donor money from billionaires “big money in politics.” When asked if not accepting donations from billionaires and hosting closed-door fundraisers is part of his plan to take “big money” out of politics, Buttigieg responded, “No.”

The real reason the squad and Buttigieg are attacking Trump like a pack of rabid dogs is that he properly labeled them as communists who support terrorism, including Antifa. It was the Soviet Communists in the early 20th century that introduced the idea of terrorism on innocent people to the Islamists. The Democratic Socialists of America, of which the Squad are members, has many Antifa members. This reveals their game, intent, and techniques of denouncement and verbal abuse to continue the Obama Communist Deep State rape of America. Puppets entertain us as comical artificial figures manipulated by the hand or wires, or rods. Political puppets animate through the string-pulling of Deep States. They do and say the things that their Masters want them to do. Unlike their plastic, wood, and polyester counterparts, political puppets are not only manipulated by their Masters but serve to manipulate others, including the general public. They are the manipulators’ manipulators. Stage puppets bring entertainment and humor to their audience. Political puppets bring hidden agendas, lies, and constant verbal abuse. They spew false allegations and accusations against the opposition. Sometimes they seek to stir up physical intimidation and violence. The Squad, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley, is a squad of Puppets. Pete Buttigieg wants to join. Each has their history and personality, but they have to comply with their Masters, or they will not be in office for long. Although they arose from different races and backgrounds and may have slightly different agendas, they all have the same common core of strings: Communism and membership in the Democratic party. We see the squad every day in the news, but their puppeteers remain largely hidden. We are distracted by the puppets' antics, taken aback by their insults and attacks, as the puppet Masters use the distraction to plan their next moves. Nobody wants to address the elephants in the room standing behind the squad--- or is it because the puppet Masters and their mainstream media will not let them? Or is it because they fear for their safety and that of their family?

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