Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Communism has been the lifeblood and income source for Sanders at least since his college days. Bernie came back from his honeymoon in the USSR wanting to share strategies.

He sold out then and there.

The Soviets granted no political freedom whatsoever and their economy was tanking and most people lived in shabby mega-apartment buildings that had too much laundry hanging about and too little paint and upkeep.

Yet Bernie wanted to partner with them and trashed America’s influence in other countries in his speech to the Soviets.

Just like Maurice Rapf and Budd Schulberg who, in 1934, made a trip to the Soviet Union and came back to infiltrate Hollywood with Communism, Sanders came back to help infiltrate all of America, when Communism was a losing system.


To gain personal power and wealth through deception and promises designed to be nothing but broken.

Since then, Bernie became the Communist’s Communist on all issues, and along with the rest of the Democratic Socialists of America, regurgitated Soviet propaganda as they worked towards a Communist state. Bernie’s political posturing is the same as the DSA’s--and all historical Communist leaders. Promise equality by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor like a Russian Robinhood, promise free healthcare, and free education, and hope to tax the middle-class to death to pay for it all. The middle-class represents freedom from the need for government, so the Communists must attempt to murder it. Obamacare will add $6 trillion to the national debt, and Bernie wants to spend more to make big government bigger as it takes away more and more freedoms.

Communism has been the passion, lifeblood, and income source for Sanders starting in his college days in the rebellious 60s.

At the University of Chicago, the same university where Barack Obama would later teach for 12 years and where Michelle Obama would work at the university hospital, Bernie Sanders injected himself in the early 1960s into the Young People’s Socialist League which was a wing of the Socialist Party USA.

Sanders was employed as an “organizer” by the United Packinghouse Workers Union (UPWU) and had its share of influential Communists in its membership. The House Committee on Un-American Activities investigated the UPWU in that period. Sanders would become a disciple of Saul Alinsky, and “organizing” meant grooming a community to be Communist. Alinsky was at his peak in the 1960s and was the face of Communism in America.

Sanders graduated with a degree in political science in 1964 and headed straight for Vermont. He was director of the American People’s History Society which was known for spewing Marxist propaganda. Sanders acted to produce a gushing documentary on Eugene Debs who was “America’s greatest Marxist” and had been jailed for spying for the Soviets during the Red Scare.

In the early part of the 1970s, Sanders joined efforts to found the Liberty Union Party which fostered such goals as the public takeover of all private utilities and the nationalization of all the banks in the United States.

Sanders fell short several times running for Congress in the 1970s but, in 1981, became mayor of Burlington, Vt. His accomplishments included setting rent controls, reducing property rights for landlords, and raising property taxes to finance communal land trusts. Small businesses accused Sanders of having no support for free enterprise.

When the Soviets were projecting themselves on the world in the 1980s, Sanders visited Nicaragua and Cuba, and the USSR several times, including for his honeymoon in 1989. He ventured to Managua, Nicaragua, calling it a sister city, and invited Daniel Ortega, the leader of the Communist Sandinista rebels, to visit the United States. Sanders verbally attacked the policies of Ronald Reagan while praising those of Ortega.

Sanders had even named Burlington’s minor league baseball team the “Vermont Reds” and the city softball team the “People’s Republic of Burlington.”

Bernie repeatedly lashes out at Trump with nasty names and false accusations, the classic Communist attack we have seen so many times already. It is part of the scapegoating attached to a well-known face, a figure-head target for annihilation, we always see from the Communist playbook.

Bernie’s group came up against Hillary's group in 2016 for the Democrat Presidential nomination and lost. Both Bernie and Hillary, as well as Barack Obama, had been schooled by Saul Alinksy. One Communist group underhanded another to steal the nomination, but still, both are two parts of the bigger Communist family.

“Bolshevik Bernie” is too old, too angry, too predictable, and too tiresome to be significant.

If you injure yourself with a large gash to your head getting out of the shower, you probably will not make a very robust president. He was endorsed by which is funded by Soros and other Communist organizations. He is nothing more than another Communist hack exploited by the Deep State to help one of their other candidates win a presidential election. He has no international political savvy or backbone. He would let Communist Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela do as they please as he took their bribes. Bernie already has a history of corruption, although not nearly as bad as Hillary.

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