Beauty and the Beasts: Miss Iraq v. Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar is nicknamed "The Muslim Brotherhood"

"Women like Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Idan said, exploit progressive sentiments. “They feed on the sympathy of people.”

A previous Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, disclosed and attacked the very purpose, motivation, and worrisome connections Rep. Ilhan Omar has with the Muslim Brotherhood for “trying to push Sharia law on the U.S.”

Sarah Idan, a natural-born Iraqi, with her life in danger, had to flee her country for merely posting a selfie of herself with Miss Israel.

“Ilhan Omar does not represent me as a Muslim — does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East.”

“You know like in Arab countries we call her the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“They are extremist Muslims, Sunni Muslims, who are now working together with Iran against all the Arab countries.”

(Iran has been Shi’a for 500 years but works with the Muslim Brotherhood, which mostly Sunni and which influences over 80 countries, and is headquartered in London and Washington DC)

“They’re working now with Hezbollah, with Turkey, with all that. You know the thing is about this organization, they are extremist Muslims, they’re Jihadis, and they have this ideology that they want to control the world.”

Women like Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Idan said, exploit progressive sentiments. “They feed on the sympathy of people.”

She accused Omar of trying to “export” the same ideology that included Sharia law and that she fled from in the Middle East. “First was the Middle East, then Europe & now the USA. I fled from the same ideology you’re trying to export here.”

“It’s an ideology of trying to push Islam to make it the ruling system of the country.”

Sarah Idan said that Omar angered a lot of American Muslims in the U.S. by bragging that, “I speak for every Muslim in this country.”

“She made a lot of us angry — moderate Muslims who escaped Sharia, who are trying to push for moderate Islam and reform of Islam.”

Sarah Idan and Ilhan Omar have been waging a mini twitter war about Islam. One of Idan’s tweets:

“Seriously @IlhanMN this is your intellectual come back?” she asked. “I said as a MUSLIM! I don't stand for your anti-American, anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood agenda using this democracy to further YOUR & YOUR FRIENDS Islamic socialism goals of dividing & weakening our country.”

Seriously @IlhanMN this is your intellectual come back?”

Idan's proficiency in English gave her the opportunity to work as a linguist for the US military at the age of 18. The job allowed her to help her people and the US Government reduce the gap between the two cultures and gave her a good deal of experience in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and high profile individuals at an early age. She later moved to the US and started working and going to school. Sarah graduated from Musicians Institute in performance arts in Los Angeles with emphasis on jazz and contemporary music.

Scott Campbell

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