AOC-itis: Our Biological Weakness for Leadership and Followership

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

AOC is a perfect example of our flawed biology for leadership and followership.

Combining our primitive tendencies with an infestation of brain-bugs dooms our current political system with elections to failure. We often favor emotional responses over rational ones. Our innate needs for immediate gratification makes most of us voters shortsighted. Our gullibility for candidates marketing ploys coupled with misinformation from the Deep State media makes the entire election process laughable.

We end up having to choose among many equally shortsighted, often uninformed, often corruptible, sometimes just plain stupid, politicians. Our brains are limited in their comprehension and memory capacity, and some more than others.

Our candidates and our voters play the identity politics game and many politicians are elected based on their race, religion or last name and not much else. Is it a surprise that a predominantly Hispanic district elects a Hispanic freshman Congresswoman even though she is totally ignorant, inexperienced and incompetent to serve her community and nation?

The most “appealing” candidates will offer typical short-sighted, tempting but temporary patches that will be manipulated to put even more money into Deep State pockets. Our representatives are manipulated in mass from money and perks from the Deep State.

A subsidized package for “Affordable Healthcare” might end up doubling premiums, limiting choices, and raising deductibles for most people while the large health care insurers enjoyed record profits.

In the end, we are forced to choose between candidates who likely represent one or more Deep States or a single special interest group and who will serve as rewarded puppets to further steal our wealth as they take away our freedoms.

We fall prey to manipulation and exploitation of our brain bugs that haunt us as stubborn, ravaging guests from the past, and that prod us into immediate, often irrational action.

Our brain bugs spook us with biological compromise, they short-circuit us into mistakes. They render us far from perfect. We have little chance for rational processing that goes far out enough in the future. Instead of figuring out which candidate will do the best job for our collective adaptive capacity and solving our individual and Species’ problems, our vote is swayed towards the candidate who is best at manipulation and advertisement, who runs the best political campaign with promises that are often broken, and who is best linked to power moguls and cronies to spend enough money to win.

We evolved to make social evaluations quickly regarding those people we really don't know. We make a rapid judgment based on the appearance of the face, skin color, hairstyle and height, and after listening to just a few words, rather than who might offer solutions and advance our communities, state, nation or planet.

Our entire political democratic system depends on such strategies and choices. Many of our planetary leaders seem to harbor little knowledge of Species beneficial solutions, and instead channel money, power, and effort into filling their own pockets, and those of their cronies.

We’ve seen how our primitive past hampers putting the people into power that would actually work to improve our lives with an efficient, smart government, with our nation and planet as top priorities.

But even if we could transcend our primate heritage and find the perfect candidate for office, what good does it do if the Deep State manipulates their puppets into favored positions to win? What good would it do, for example, if both primary winners in a United States Presidential election representing the Republicans and the Democrats are Deep State candidates? Look closely at our 2008 Presidential election between Barack Obama and John McCain, if want a good historical example. We need to expose and eliminate Deep State dominance of elections to ever have even a chance of achieving our full potential.


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