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Based on the books/audiobooks shown below.

According to the Open Syllabus Project by Marketwatch,, as of 2020, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is the most assigned textbook in all US colleges and universities appearing in over 3,100 syllabi. This is a hint of how far Communism has penetrated the colleges and universities. The Gramscian march of communism into the educational system, discussed in detail in later sections,and has been traditionally sanctioned by liberal governments and funded by taxpayers. Young people tend to be more impressionable and gullible and looking for leaders and some kind of movement to join that is trendy and rebellious. Marxism, when combined with courses and recruiters, fulfills that role.

The Muslim Student Assoication is one of the most powerful and, in fact, gave rise to many other Muslim groups in the United States, many of them radical that support terrorism and civilization jihad.

Rather than provide a practical education that will lead to success, including landing a job, the educational system in the Humanities seems to be designed to recruit Liberal Democrats as serfs for the Deep State agenda.

The Deep State does not want students to succeed by traditional measures, it wants them to do what the Deep State wants and be dependent upon it. Thus today’s social studies intentionally emphasize ethinic and sexual identity and anti-white revolution to create animosity, frustration, vengeance, and divides.

Such an environment is perfect for recruiting members for Antifa, and especially from those who cannot make it as millennial successes like programmers or IT specialists, and who bear the marks of frustration or economic impotence. Social Justice and Gender Identity majors will have trouble finding a job, which is exactly what the Deep State wants as it loans money at high interest rates for guaranteed student loans. If there is a default they will be paid off early with the bonus of late fees and penalties.

According to a major news network on June 12, 2020, United States universities serve as Antifa recruitment centers and a place to spread their ideology and propaganda. Although they don't dare publish policies that are supportive of Antifa directly, many Universities support Antifa by employing teachers who are sympathetic two or are actual members of Antifa.

Although most Antifa groups tend to avoid mass organization to remain cloaked, The Campus Antifascist Network (CAN) is different.

CAN infected campuses across the United States and with Trump’s election has metastasized into over 400 chapters that include the University of Illinois, a classic communist, and anti-American hotbed, the University of Michigan, one of the same, the University of Connecticut, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh, and Swarthmore College. CAN stuffs Antifa-promoting propaganda and “black bloc” dress techniques into the ears of disgruntled and gullible young students. The “Antifa” moniker reproduced itself more frequently, and more ubiquitously, paralleling the impressive overall organization despite the lack of headquarters or anointed leaders. This all happened once Trump was elected, suggesting that someone with organizational skills had put the Antifa movement together to help defeat Trump in 2020--someone like a shocked Deep State that crooked Hillary lost.

Some professors have participated in Antifa-like violence since Trump was elected. A community college professor and Antifa activist, Eric Clanton, entered a no contest plea to “misdemeanor” assault for allegedly striking President Trump supporters with a bike lock at a Berkeley rally in 2017--and some over the head. This should have been a felony assault-- but Alameda county is one county that receives lots of money from people like George Soros to go easy on Leftist criminals. He donates to the campaign funds for the State District Attorneys and they take care of the rest.

A University of Alabama professor who is an Egyptologist by the name of Sarah Parcak advised protesters on social media on how to bring down Confederate monuments, including step-by-step diagrams.

High-level academics even justify the violence associated with Antifa by blaming the police as the true source of the problem. Police are trying to stop a riot and the destruction of property by people armed with guns, knives, chemical sprays, cement milkshakes, Molotov cocktails, and clubs--but the violence is their fault?

Violent incidents have been routine on college campuses starting about six months after Trump was elected. Many of these were staged, in a fascist way, to prevent conservatives or other speakers who were not aligned with the Democrat Left.

Universities don’t do anything at all about Antifa on campus or nearby recruiting students. They are complicit. Many administrators support the communist and anarchist platform and then there’s always worry about speaking out against a group that calls themselves “anti-fascist”-- even though it would be hard to find a group that is more fascist than Antifa itself.

Professors post upcoming vents on the campuses and also provide an abundance of courses in the social sciences that are centered on revolutionary Marxism and that intentionally restrict critical thinking.

Antifa is smart in that they don’t show a source of formal leadership or have an official headquarters. They exist in relatively autonomous cells but share a remarkably common message, much like ISIS.

They do have local "organizers" and those who step up and take control when necessary to be an efficient terrorist machine.

On or near campuses, Antifa rarely displays their beloved red and black flag, but they do congregate with their “black bloc” attire at rallies and events to establish their group identity and maintain a disguise en-masse.

In September of 2019, Antifa was caught openly recruiting on the University of Florida campus after disseminating flyers to recruit new arrivals with a tempting invitation to attend a "Radical Rush" event held by the "Gainesville Antifascists."

After repetitive exposure in class to radical ideology including anti-cop, anti-capitalist, and anti-American rhetoric, college students have been programmed to be receptive to groups like Antifa trying to recruit them. Being “woke” about “social justice” is trendy and pushes people up to higher on social ladders, like Pavlov’s dogs.

The bottom line is that the taxpayers are footing the bill for violent organizations that want to destroy the US government and capitalism and defund police departments. Antifa has found a way to benefit by organizing while remaining relatively anonymous because of a lack of traditional headquarters or leaders. They congregate for a riot and then disperse into the night into their splinter groups.

Communist and fascist professors at the university level glorify Antifa as freedom fighters who are noble when in reality they are a bunch of frustrated fascist hypocritical druggies who get paid for committing acts of violence and destroying property, and who take advantage of looting opportunities, in alliance with the DSA and the Deep State.

Professors openly declare their allegiance and promote Antifa events, requesting that students donate to bail funds.

The link between Antifa predators and their chosen campuses is a direct result of university hiring practices, and in my opinion, controlled by the Deep State through funding. Always follow the money sources.

The nearly complete scarcity of conservative, and even moderate professors, confirms that many universities have become efficient and prolific propaganda machines for anti-American communists and fascists working with the Deep State.

Scott Campbell

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