A Goldmine for Republicans: Bigly Communist Nest in the Smollett Case

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

In my book, LIES, I inadvertently discovered a Trump and Republican political goldmine. One of the main reasons I was willing to put years of research into this book was because Jussie, alone, or acting with some type of political group, had intentionally acted to harm Trump and his supporters in an attempt to get a win for the Democrats in 2020. He had unjustly insulted the entire white population in an attempt to hurt them in multiple ways. He wanted another president like Obama to win in 2020 to further destroy anything and everything American to make way for a Socialist or Communist takeover.

To me, considering Jussie Smollett’ connections to the Obamas and his relative fame among black Communities, his hate crime hoax-- its intent-- was an Act of War. It was intended as a false flag for starting a Race War.

Because of my knowledge of the American Deep State from writing Fighting the Deep State War Against Christianity and Deep State Purge and Fix, I wanted to make my book different from others to come in regards to adding layer upon layer of character depth and intrigue that would relate to the Deep State agenda so obvious in his court case. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to expose how the Democratic Deep State works. The unusual and entertaining nature of the Jussie Smollett story had captured the attention of the nation. The Deep State had been caught red-handed in dismissing his case illegally.

I also promised my readers to continuously add to the timeline until the case was finally over. I would offer periodic updates to those who had already bought the book at an earlier date.

Striking Gold for Patriots

When the Jussie Smollett team decided to enlist Jesse Jackson and rainbow PU$H and Rep. Bobby Rush to defend Jussie Smollett by race baiting, and by trying to cover up the story, my research on them ended up focusing on their Communist history.

I learned that the Soviet and Chinese communists had actually come in, as boots on the ground, to run Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH campaigns for presidency. This was not the type of information you would find in the mainstream media, or even on most Google searches. I had to use non-censored, but reliable and well-respected, search engines and sources.

For every significant character and suspect in the Jussie Smollett case, I researched the potential history of links to Communism and the Chicago Jewish and Zionist Cabal that helped put Barack Obama into the presidency. These characters will be added to others in the Cabal to form the foundation for yet another book, coming up soon, entitled Barack Obama: Communist Rape of America.

What I am hoping for, and what every patriot should be hoping for, is that the various court cases related to Smollett will allow for the formal unveiling of the Obama Communist machine as part of the Deep State.

If you want to know who was behind all this and how they achieved it be sure to read my new book about Obama the Communist.

Although Soviet and Chinese and Latin America communists and others have participated in the democratic party for decades, with the Clinton and Obama administrations, after months and months of research, I have concluded, along with many others, that Communism and Socialism now totally dominate the Democratic party.

In learning exactly how Obama was put into office we can predict the Democratic Communist strategy for 2020. They will try and control at least the top two candidates. They obviously control Obama's right-hand man for 8 years, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and they likely control many of the others. In other words I would doubt that the top two candidates would not have the full support of the Communist Parties to be contenders at all.

So it's Trump and Patriotic Republicans against a world full of Communists bent on weakening and destroying America.

Prepare for war.

I have already covered the Communism of the Jussie Smollett characters in LIES but here is a review of the history of Maxine Waters as I'm seeing her name pop up recently on social media.

Maxine Waters has a long history of association with Communist organizations. Her Communist platform is standard delivery as racist, anti-American propaganda. In the Spirit of Mussolini's black shirts or Antifa, or even fascist Hitler's Brown Shirts, she advocated harassing Republican officials in public whether they're on the street or a restaurant--and was successful. She is an embarrassing and dangerous Democratic Communist puppet, a loose cannon, milking her own constituency for money.

One of the main Communist ploys since the 1920s is to exploit identity as a perceived oppressed outgroup, in this case, the urban black population. The plot is to persuade them to vote as a block for a black Communist candidate who promises to help them, but instead works to continuously oppress them for their voting stream. This is classic Communist plantation politics, as Barack Obama described in his book Dreams From My Father, and that he applied himself in his Community organizing. Obama was not trying to help black communities as much as work on how to extract their votes and keep them in the same position In society.

Maxine Waters continues to get votes, not based on her performance or merit but based on her skin color and her hate speech against Trump and Republicans. She does not want black progress or peace between races, because then she would likely lose her job and power.

See this link if you want a list of all of the Communist organizations she has been associated with since 1982.

Maxine Waters talked about the Jussie Smollett scandal with Extra at the NAACP awards where she received the Chairman Award in April of 2019. Maxine Waters was extremely defensive and dishonest about Jussie Smollett. was it because he was black, or at least half that way? Was it because he was a Democrat, or was it because his family included prominent fellow and local Communists like his ex-Black Panther mother and Kamala Harris? Was she protecting yet another Communist cell in California and Chicago?

Lies, Lies, and More Lies: The Communist Way

At the awards there was a movement to rescind Jussie Smollett's nomination for the Image Award which he did not win anyway. Here is an interpretation of the major statements from Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters Statement #1: The details about Jussie’s attack will never be known.

Opinion: False! She wishes that for the Democratic party. We know nearly all of the details from over 530 pages of police reports and four pages of bond proffer, and thousands of records from Foxx’s office. We have photos of the letter Jussie received at Chicago Cinespace studios, and a video of Abel and Ola Osundairo buying ski masks and red hats, and street photos of the brothers lurking around near where the attack took place. We saw evidence of the communications and meetings involving Jussie and the Osundairo brothers before and after the attack. We have the Osundairo brothers confessing and describing all of the details.

Mid-June of 2019, the police released the surveillance videos.

Jussie is under investigation by the FBI regarding the death threatening letter he received at Chicago Cinespace that contained a white powdery substance. President Trump requested a DOJ inquiry. Police, based on the Osundairo brothers testimony, and other facts, believe Jussie sent the letter it to himself. If so, he committed federal crimes, and, if tried, much more information could come about Jussie's hoax. We also have a civil case coming up between Jussie and the City of Chicago over $130,000 for investigative costs. The city must prove that he lied in telling the police that they attackers were white and that would bring up all of the details of what actually happened.

As a Democratic leader, Waters wants Jussie's crimes and lies and scandal to be buried and forgotten because it was an attack on white Trump supporters and an embarrassment for LGBTQ communities, Democrats in general, and the Chicago police. It showed a clear path to corruption in the Chicago courts. It's a nightmare for Democrats because they looked biased and racist in supporting him when it was really a hoax. Details of the case will only rally Trump's base more.

Update: In mid-April, the Illinois State Attorney Office would released thousands of emails and texts regarding the Smollett case.

Opinion: Waters was proved wrong again. She wished the public knew no details because the scandal is hurting the Democratic party.

Maxine Waters Statement #2: In Jussie’s case nobody was physically hurt or shot or killed.

Opinion: True, but that confirms it was a hoax. There could be collateral damage.

Tracy Siska, executive director of the Chicago Justice Project, noted, based on the notoriety of Jussie's scandal, potential collateral damage could occur for anyone who is the victim of a hate crime because they may be less likely to report. They also may be less likely to be believed when they do report.

So Waters may be technically right, there was no one directly, and immediately hurt, other than Jussie laughable physical injuries in that famous street brawl in which Jussie had told Abel not to really hurt him.

What about the families of the ten people in Chicago murdered during the time the detectives were working on Jussie's case? Their cases may have been delayed because of Jussies redeployment of top detective efforts towards his selfish hoax. It is conceivable that such a delay could allow a one or more murderers to get away without prosecution, and potentially murder again. It is also conceivable that someone was hurt or murdered as part of a reaction to Jussies alleged attack. It is not uncommon for innocent people to be hurt after a highly publicized racial injustice like we saw in 1975 when an innocent Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor was beaten to death by black teens. Many innocent people suffered harm or death in the Rodney King Los Angeles riots of 1992. Jussie attempted to portray the type of racial injustice that can cause a riot. Besides, when Waters said no one was physically hurt, she implied that disorderly conduct and falsifying police reports, as non-violent crimes, are nothing she considers to be taken seriously. They are crimes, Mrs. Waters. Maxine Waters said no one was physically hurt. But what about Jussie? In a selfie in the hospital, Jussie showed he had a small cut under one eye and a couple of barely perceptible bruises. Jussie showed us a photo of a rope burn on his neck that one would have to look at twice to see. If two real attackers with the size and strength of the Osundairo brothers, and if filled with such hate, Jussie's face would be an unrecognizable mess, and he would have broken ribs or other bones. Jussie assured his fans after his injuries that he would perform his concert as planned in less than a week, showing how harmless his injuries really were. On stage he stated he had no broken bones much to his duped fans relief. Maxine Waters' high opinion of Jussie confirms she thinks it was a hoax, because "no one got hurt" and the "correct decision" was made for the charges to be dismissed. If no one got hurt, then the attack was a hoax, so why would dismissing the charges be “correct?” Her statement was totally illogical. If no one got hurt, that means Jussie did not get hurt, which makes the state’s case even stronger that it was a hoax.

The police reports specifically state that Jussie instructed Abel Osundairo to be the attacker, but not to really hurt him too much, and to let Jussie appear to fight back. Jussie apparently didn't want any punches that might go wrong from the brother he didn’t know that well, Ola.

Maxine Waters Statement #3: Jussie never committed a crime before.

Opinion: False! Waters lied to boost up Jussie public image. According to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, Smollett pleaded no contest to provide false information to law enforcement in a 2007 misdemeanor case resulting from a DUI stop in which Smollett gave police a false name and signed his brother's name on the summons promising to appear in court. Smollett also pleaded no contest to driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit and driving without a valid driver's license, and was sentenced to a fine and two years of probation.

Opinion: Waters did not tell the truth. She, of all people, a Congresswoman who heads up a major committee, the House Financial Services Committee, should do a little research before she makes a statement like that to portray Jussie as a non-criminal.

Maxine Waters Statement #4: Many cases like this are closed every day.

Opinion: False! The experts say otherwise according to NBC News. Many cases undergo alternative justice, but not like Jussie’s.

Opinion: There must be due process before charges are dismissed. Due process requires further testimony and hearings, and this diversion process often consumes months. Not so in Jussie's case, in which a deal was made before the case was even formally presented.

On of the experts who has been studying Chicago court cases for 20 years said she had never seen any case like Jussie’s.

Maxine Waters should remember it took two years to clear her own personal charges by the House Ethics Committee against her by due process, unlike Jussie’s which were cleared before the case even began in a backroom deal.

Maxine Waters Statement #5: She said the case received a lot of attention because Smollett is loved and talented as seen on TV.

Opinion: False! Jussie Smollett's case got a lot of attention because it was allegedly a racist hate crime hoax crafted to insult and defame tens of millions of Trump supporters and at the same time insulted an entire police department and put many black and LGBTQ members at risk.

Maxine Waters Statement #6: She hopes Jussie is successful in his career.

Opinion: Good luck with that. Jussie earned a suspension from Chicago Cinespace Empire which is suffering from a precipitous drop to all-time low ratings because of Jussie's scandal. Media performers Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Charles Barkley, Cardi B, and the SNL cast all had disparaging words for Jussie.

Maxine should remember it took two years to clear her own personal charges against her by due process, unlike Jussie's which were cleared before the case even began in a backroom deal.

In 2010, for example, Waters was charged with violations of the House's ethics rules after it was reported that she had used her connections in 2008 to ensure a $12 million federal bailout of OneUnited Bank, a black owned bank, whose slogan is “Bank Black” which had contributed heavily to her campaign and where her husband owned stock. She was cleared of the charges in 2012. Her grandson was the one who took the fall which was a mere reprimand.


Fighting the Deep State War Against Christianity

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