2020 Democrat Candidates: Their Biological Weakness and Links to Communism

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Brain-bugs doom the 2020 Democrats to failure. We often favor emotional responses over rational ones. Our innate need for immediate gratification makes most of us voters shortsighted. Our gullibility for candidates' marketing ploys coupled with misinformation from the Deep State media makes the entire election process laughable. Elections have become, in many instances, a mere formality for appointments by the Deep State.

Today's Democrat Party is dominated by Communists who are experts at lying and deception. They have to be because nobody, except the rich elite, wants Communism to live under when they figure out the classic ruse where "share" means "take."

President Trump has let the Communist cat out of the bag after beating out the Deep State in 2016. He labeled the Squad and Bernie Sanders as Communists. Buttigieg is intelligent but was raised by a Marxist professor. He would not have got this far without Deep State backing. Capitalist Warren favors big business as she pretends to be against it. Warren pushes transgender issues as a Communist attack on Christian values. Buttigieg flaunts his marriage to a man for the same reasons.

Democrats end up having to choose among many equally shortsighted, often uninformed, often corruptible, sometimes just plain stupid, and now Communist, politicians. Their brains are limited in their comprehension and memory capacity, and some more than others. This not a problem for the Communist machine, it is an opportunity for manipulation. The Communist Deep States just love bird-brained puppets. They have loaded the Democrat platform with them, so no matter who gets elected, you will a get a Deep State Democrat puppet. They trick Liberals into voting Communist, again and again.

Speaking of flawed brains and Communist puppet, Nancy Pelosi showed us in February of 2020 a perfect example of her flawed, childish, destructive, anti-American, and corrupt leadership.

President Trump had just presented his State of the Union address which touted the country's success over three years: a booming economy, record unemployment that accompanied new forms of opportunity in the communities that needed it most, and a concern for individual hardship and contributions from the public. His speech was touching, powerful, and compassionate.

Pelosi shocked everyone, except, perhaps, for the people who planned it, by tearing up her copy of President Trump's speech. This is after she disregarding the traditional form of introduction for the President to begin with.

Pelosi's ripping up of the speech was planned. Videos show she had "pre-ripped" the speech before waiting for the end to rip it up completely. Pelosi had been told what to do. This cowardly and disrespectful act represented an anti-American Democratic Party and Deep State that does not want America to succeed. Pelosi followed a Communist protocol to challenge, disrupt, and repudiate anything achieved by their opponents. It is an example of "dialectical materialism."

Trump gave a great speech about the progress of a great nation freed from the chains of the Obama Administration and Nancy Negative was told to negate it. The Communist mantra of "change, change, change" or "more Communism, more Communism, more Communism" nearly destroyed America and is not welcome now. The Democrats have nothing else to offer. If they wanted success, they would have to duplicate the Republican Agenda. The Democrats have lost and Pelosi's ripping up of Trump's speech is punctuation for their defeat.

How can somebody so negative, contradictory, selfish, and immature come into a position of such power?


Our candidates and our voters play the identity politics game and many politicians are elected based on their race, religion or last name and not much else. Is it a surprise that a predominantly Hispanic district elects a Hispanic freshman Congresswoman who had big money behind her even though she is ignorant, inexperienced and incompetent to serve her community and nation? Was I thinking of AOC?

The most “appealing” candidates will offer typical short-sighted, tempting but temporary patches that will be manipulated to put even more money into Deep State pockets. Our representatives are manipulated in mass from money and perks from the Deep State. Somebody like Pelosi is not elected, she is installed as a Communist operative and traitor.

Pelosi received over $350,000 to promote “Affordable Healthcare” which ended up doubling premiums, limiting choices, and raising deductibles for most people while the large health care insurers enjoyed record profits. Obamacare means the government makes decisions rather than doctors.

Trump should have no problem defeating the Democrat nomination because he or she will represent the Communist Deep State that has been forced to reveal itself.

The voter's choice will be a visceral one, and a no-brainer: Trump and Republican freedom, security, equal opportunity, and prosperity or Democrat and Communist chains, open borders, wasteful handouts, and a choked economy.

My books and blogs are filled with who's who in the Deep State including the people who put Bill Clinton and Barack Obama into the White House and ran their administrations.

A Blacklist of Radical Socialists and Communists is included in Trump's Epic Battles and Heroics.

Scott Campbell

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