I am writing books and blogging to help all of humanity in innovative ways. Over the past two years,  a dozen books, more than 160 blogs, and thousands of social media posts have positioned me to spread the word. 


I find my summary books rewarding, I learn so much and the reader secures great value by absorbing what's in a best seller at a fraction of the price and time. Summary books are not written to replace orgininals, just enhance the experience.

The "White Hat Revolution" is now a full-time endeavor and a lifetime one, too, for both me and my  "security," an overgrown German Shepherd named "Crusher" with an insatiable appetite.

My Deep State series explains what is wrong with the world now, reveals the most important parts about the history of Communism,  and also how to fix it through sophisticated technology built around digital government and law. Only through advances in artificial intelligence will we be able to provide freedom, healthcare, food, and housing at nominal costs through making government honest and efficient.

Given human nature, I believe such an approach is the only possible way to end corruption and to defend ourselves properly against our enemies who attack us from within and from abroad.


This website presents over 160 articles and dozens of books on politics, health, artificial intelligence, evolution, religion, science, and technology.



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Scott Campbell 

ps: If you are a dog lover, and would like some inside info on the Deep State and its drug trafficking, and how one vigilante group made plans to take it down, try:


scott campbell and the white hat revolution

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